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Jennifer Lopez is being slammed on social media by equating body size to singing ability after she said a formerly obese American Idol contestant who lost 150lbs for her audition sang "like a heavy girl."

While Lopez's comments were clearly meant to be a compliment on Lindita's powerful voice, plenty of Twitter users have come out of the woodwork to critique Lopez's poor turn of phrase.

Lopez's two cents have probably caused so much outrage because of Lindita's backstory. Prior to her audition, the 26-year-old hopeful opened up to host Ryan Seacrest and told him how she had been overweight her entire life but decided to make a change. Lindita currently works as a personal trainer, but she is clearly still affected by the fact that people in her hometown would say:

“She has a nice voice, but she’s really fat.”

While Lindita was singing her heart out in the audition, Lopez whispered, “She sings like a heavy girl,” to Harry Connick Jr., who responded, “That’s true. She didn’t lose that part" clearly in reference to her dramatic weight loss. Watch the clip for yourself below:

(Source: Gossip Cop)


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