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When it comes to sex scenes, I feel like actors are typically discussing how awkward it is to put on a nude sock and writhe around on their co-star for multiple takes. While that's undoubtedly uncomfortable, W Magazine has flipped the script a bit. They asked celebrities what their favorite lovemaking scenes are, and many of them answered honestly (with movies they're not in of course).

Check out a collection of responses from Margot Robbie, Bradley Cooper, and more below.

Margot Robbie

The Suicide Squad star chose the phone booth scene from True Romance, in which Alabama (Patricia Arquette) and Clarence (Christian Slater) get down and dirty and don't care who's watching.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper chose a scene from the James Bond movie A View to Kill, featuring Grace Jones and Roger Moore doing what 007 does best.

Charlize Theron

At seven years old, Charlize Theron had that iconic scene from Body Heat permanently embedded in her brain

Seth Rogen

Leave it to Seth Rogen to choose the puppet sex from Team America: World Police as his selection. I mean, it is pretty hilarious.

Rooney Mara

First, Rooney Mara chooses the love scene in Rust and Bone after Marion Cotillard's character lost her legs, but then Rooney suddenly begins talking about Toy Story 3.

Jennifer Jason Leigh

In a pretty esoteric selection, Jennifer Jason Leigh chose the Japanese erotic film In the Realm of the Senses, which follows the real-life story of a geisha who ends up cutting off her lover's penis and carrying it in her bag. It's definitely worth the watch!

For even more celebrity picks, head over to W Magazine's Screen Test page and scroll all the way down to the bottom. You'll find famous faces like Domhnall Gleeson and Jake Gyllenhaal revealing even more of their favorite sex scenes.

(Source: W Magazine)


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