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Even though the movie isn't released for another month, it's already hard to imagine anyone other than Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

But long before even his brief cameo as the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, an unlikely role set the wheels in motion.

Remember Blade Trinity (unless you've erased it from memory)?

Blade Trinity
Blade Trinity

Well, in the movie, Reynolds stars as the Hannibal King. Let's take a trip down memory lane with the clip below:

Wait, is that Deadpool?!

After seeing his performance, Reynolds confirmed to Empire Magazine that an eagle-eyed executive told him that, as he was "basically playing" Deadpool anyway, he should be the one to play him in the feature-length film.

In hindsight, the Hanniball King's quick witted and foul mouth echoes the Merc with the Mouth.

Reynolds in the Deadpool outfit
Reynolds in the Deadpool outfit

Reynolds went on cameo in the Wolverine origin story as the character, which ignited the possibility of his own movie.

Just check out the trailer below to see the similarities:

One thing can clearly be gleaned from a combination of trailers and viral goodies that have surfaced, and that's Reynolds's obvious enjoyment and comfort playing the role. The freedom the R-rated anti-hero offers is clearly an attraction. He said:

“I pored through the comics and realized that this character occupies a space in the comic book universe that nobody else does.

"There are moments where we really just venture into the heart of darkness and stay there for a few beats, but then it also has this very humorous undertone.

"We can go places and do things with this that you couldn’t do with any other superhero property.”

'Deadpool' is in cinemas from February 12th this year.

Source: ComicBook


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