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Prepare yourself for what Julie Voth is calling 'Jillception'. The 30-year-old actress famously acted as the character model for Jill Valentine in the 2002 Resident Evil video game (as well as several subsequent game), but now she has pushed the envelope even further by cosplaying as Jill Valentine in real life!

According to an interview with IGN, Voth says that she is frequently asked by fans to cosplay as Jill, something that Voth says is likely because she thinks "people have always felt connected to her, she's iconic, and there's a reason that after so many years she and the game live on."

The photographs for Julie's stunning cosplay were taken by photographer Gil Riego Jr, and additional photos by Flip Cassidy.

And for all those fans out there who are interesting is seeing Voth cosplay as Jill in the flesh, according to her Twitter account, she'll definitely be putting on the costume again very soon!

Source: IGN


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