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These girls are the Ashleys
These girls are the Ashleys

The Ashleys comprise a clique of ridiculously rich, popular fourth-grade girls who attend Third Street Elementary School on Disney’s Recess. Known for their catchphrase “Scandalous!”, the Ashleys are snobby, shallow, and diabolical, making them the best antagonists of the Recess gang. Here’s a ranking of the Ashleys, from least cool to dopest.

Ashley T
Ashley T

Full Name: Ashley Tomassian

Favorite Color: Green

Meanest Moment: Jinxing Gus in “Jinxed”

Every crew needs its “nice one,” and Ashley T. is the nicest of the Ashleys (though that’s not saying much). Sure, Ashley T. isn’t as cruel as her friends, but that’s probably because she’s got the least dialogue. Ashley T. is never really seen doing much more than going along with the rest of the clique as they torment the other kids on the playground. Her fashion sense is impeccable, but she amounts to little more than a glamorous henchwoman.

Ashley B
Ashley B

Full Name: Ashley Boulet

Favorite Color: Yellow

Fashion Dopeness: Her signature look — a plaid yellow skirt paired with a yellow cardigan — borrows from Cher Horowitz’s iconic yellow plaid ensemble in Clueless. Name another fourth grader who could pull that off…

Over the course of the series, Ashley B. emerges as second Ashley in command behind Ashley A., and appears to be the latter’s closest friend. Ashley B. is quite formidable and will come down hard on anyone. This includes fellow Ashleys too, as it was Ashley B. who led the charge to excommunicate Ashley A. from the clique when Ashley A. forgot to wear purple in honor of the clique’s sacred “Purple Day.”

Ashley Q
Ashley Q

Full Name: Ashley Quinlan

Favorite Color: Blue

Astrological Sign: Leo

Boss Bitch Moment: Kicking a kickball all the way to China while examining her nails, and shredding super athlete Vince’s confidence in the process.

Ashley Q. is arguably the cruelest of the Ashleys, eagerly partaking in all their mean girl plots and, when she has downtime, tormenting Gus and antagonizing Spinelli. Over time, Ashley Q’s visibility diminishes in favor of Ashley B., but she remains the only fashionable redhead giving Joan Holloway any real competition.

Ashley A
Ashley A

Full Name: Ashley Armbruster

Favorite Color: Pink

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Ashliest Moment: Having Ashley B. retrace her shadow to make sure the tracing captured her “new nose”

Ashley A. is the prototype. The queen. By far the snobbiest, shallowest, and most diabolical, Ashley A. is the brain behind every single plan the Ashleys ever have. She has no problem thinking up ways to poke at the Recess gang and getting the other Ashleys to come along for the ride. Effective leaders are dynamic and though, and Ashley A. has shown herself to be complex and adaptable. Occasionally she is even kind to the people beneath her, like when she befriends Gretchen or when she sincerely offers Spinelli encouraging words backstage at the Little Miss Blush Contest.


Full Name: Ashley Spinelli

Favorite Color(s): Black and Blue

Astrological Sign: Libra

Named After: Great Aunt Ashley, the first woman to win the Iditarod.

Though her time as one of the Ashleys lasted just one miserable day, Spinelli, aka Ashley S., is by far the coolest Ashley at Third Street Elementary. Spinelli is a feisty, quick-tempered, tough gal with a love for fighting and professional wrestling. Though Spinelli works hard to maintain her reputation as a scrapper, she has quite the tender side. She is fiercely protective of gentle giant Mikey, and she’s revealed to have a major crush on TJ.

Besides being the toughest kid on the playground, Spinelli has had stints as an accomplished ballet dancer and as a chalk artist, once even being offered a grant from the American Arts Endowment for her artwork. She is also a beauty queen, having won the Little Miss Blush contest that the other Ashleys entered her in as a prank. What kid do you know who can pull all this off, all while wearing a leather biker jacket and motorcycle boots?

Spinelli tha gawd!


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