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There are far few times better than getting your buddies together and diving into an extended game session. All of you together sharing tales, snacks and having a laugh.

But, while enjoying a heated moment in a game, what if things were to suddenly get a little bit too competitive? A friend cursing blind after being robbed of stars in Mario Party, or keeps sniping you from a lofty perch as you amble around looking for cover in any Call of Duty game.

We've all had those moments when the mixture of cocky friends and intense multiplayer moments have thrust us into a furious bloodlust, lobbing controllers across the room or at people, and I bet these 10 games have been the catalysts of millions of rage quits.

Do you agree?

10. Goldeneye 007

I made a good friend of mine cry once by popping out of the secret areas in the Complex multiplayer arena and karate chopping him in the back of the head, over and over again. He didn't speak to me for a week. Aah, sweet memories!

Seriously though, a Golden Gun wielding Oddjob is legitimately the stuff of nightmares.

9. FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer (series)

There's no feeling quite like being beaten more than 14-0 by a friend, then for them to turn to you, look you in the eye and say with a wry grin, "I'll take it easy on you next game." Then proceed to win 4-0 with some of the best/most infuriating possession play you've ever seen. F U, buddy.

8. Worms (series)

Because everyone has that friend that actually uses the Ninja Rope. Yeah, that friend. And goes on to slowly wipe out your squad by popping sticks of dynamite on their heads. Get out of my house!

7. Mario Party (series)

If you're not clipping the shoulders of friends while vigorously shaking your Wiimote, or having all of your stars stolen on the last turn by that friggin' ghost, Mario Party was prepared to get you and a few pals heated under the collar. I mean, haven't you ever threatened someone if they didn't row hard enough?

6. SoulCalibur (series)

Because Kilik and his f**king bo staff.

5. Super Smash Bros. (series)

There's also always one friend that has the uncanny ability to pull off incredible moves in Smash Bros., while you're there hammering buttons and just about managing to fire one of Samus Aran's rockets. "How do you make Kirby look so brutal?!"

4. Call of Duty (series)

Because "where are you?" Or, "c'mon please stop shooting me!" And "how did you see me there?!" Everyone has a friend that has a psychic connection with CoD, and will always be behind you, ready to stab you in the back, at every corner.

3. Wii Sports

One more gutter ball and you'll be willing to strike a pal after their 10 spares in a row.

2. New Super Mario Bros. (series)

Because falling into a pit after a friend "accidentally" bounced off your head, mid jump, just isn't funny the sixth time round.

1. Mario Kart (series)

Because only when you've been leading the pack for all three laps then proceed to get hit by a green shell, then two red shells, a banana and get knocked off the track by Bowser before being struck by lightning before making a jump, have you known the face of hell.


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