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Like a beautiful, demanding and slightly intimidating school teacher, Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens asked a lot of questions of its audience, but gave only a handful of answers.

Mysteries like "What's the deal with Snoke?" and "Whose child is Rey?" will continue to simmer into Star Wars Episode 8: Luke Who's Home and possibly beyond, but one sizable question is unlikely to be answered...

(It's not really called that, but it bloody well should be.)

Beyond this point you can expect a fair few spoilers.

After Finn and Poe crash land on Jakku after having escaped the First Order, Finn regains consciousness to find Poe gone, presumably dead. Finding the jacket he left behind, Finn decides to wear it (as all men do with their possibly-dead man-friends' jackets) and goes on to find Rey and BB-8.

But Dameron is not dead, and when we see him next he's made a clean and unexplained escape from a planet apparently riddled with Stormtroopers, thus necessitating the question:

How the hell did Poe Dameron escape Jakku?

As of the last time I checked my bank balance I am not, in fact, J.J. Abrams, meaning I don't have a solid answer to this riddle that somewhat resembles a plot hole - but I do have a theory. Hear me out.

It could be that Poe made some kind of deal with Unkar Plutt, the ruthless, immoral and entirely disgusting Crolute junkboss known sans affection as "the Blobfish". Unkar would be risking his life, but for the right money that probably wouldn't be much of an issue.

Then again, does Poe Dameron have the right money? I don't imagine he's exactly loaded.

It could simply be put down to Deus ex Machina-style intervention from the pens of writers Lawrence Kasdan and Abrams, who needed Dameron to feature in the rest of the film and so glossed over the specifics of his unlikely escape.

This is supported by Oscar Isaac telling GQ magazine that Poe was originally intended to be a smaller role and that the character would die "early on" in the film (presumably on Jakku), but that Abrams later got in touch to say "yo, Oscar, you handsome beast, you're in the whole film now!"

Still, this is not the most satisfying of explanations, and I'd like to think that, between the novelization and the official script, there's some kind of clarity to be gained as to now Poe made a clean break from Jakku and returned to the Resistance base in double-quick time. Answers on a postcard.

Episode 8

There's actually something important to be learned from Isaac's words regarding his expanded role in the series. Clearly, there was a time when, in Abrams's mind, Poe Dameron was a relatively unimportant supporting character. He could have died in The Force Awakens and there'd have been no particular fallout.

That he survives and features again later suggests Abrams and Kasdan have bigger plans for the character, an idea supported by the fact that his parents feature in Issue #1 of Star Wars: Shattered Empire.

Rebel Sergeant Kes Dameron and A-Wing pilot Lieutenant Shara Bey share a reunion immediately after the Battle of Endor. There's literally no reason that these characters should be tied in with Dameron if he isn't to become far more crucial to the plot of Episode 8.

Whatever the future may hold, it's clear that there's a lot more to come from "the best freaking pilot in the galaxy".


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