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Hello reader! I don’t know about you, but I think that the recent Fantastic Four reboot could have been done better on the big screen. Movies such as the 2005 series and the 2015 reboot just didn’t wow audiences enough, certainly not to the extent deserved by Stan Lee’s ‘First Family'. I believe that the rights to Marvel’s First Family should be given back to Marvel, and that it should be adapted either into a Netflix show, or into a summer blockbuster movie series. Either way, I decided to make a poster advertising this dream series, with some suggestions as to who might better portray Marvel’s First Family on screen.

First, as a sign of respect to fellow fans, I checked out the site: to find out what other people thought. Here’s what I found:

Mister Fantastic = Miles Teller

Divergent, the 2015 Fantastic Four
Divergent, the 2015 Fantastic Four

Invisible Woman = Yvonne Strahovski

Chuck and Dexter
Chuck and Dexter

Human Torch = Alex Pettyfer

Magic Mike XXL
Magic Mike XXL

The Thing = Michael Chiklis

2005/2007 Fantastic Four movies; TV shows like The Shield, The Commish, American Horror Story and Gotham
2005/2007 Fantastic Four movies; TV shows like The Shield, The Commish, American Horror Story and Gotham

I followed these suggestions aside from one exception, Mister Fantastic. I think that the main actor Miles Teller might distance himself away from anything to do with the Fantastic Four following horrible reviews from the summer movie, and I think it would also be confusing to fans if he reprised his role in a different universe. However, I think that the same logic may not apply to Michael Chiklis as The Thing (from the 2005 and 2007 movies), because he was mostly covered in CGI and body paint, and it has been almost 9 years since he has played the character. I believe Marvel may give him a second chance.

So instead of Miles Teller, I propose casting Tom Cavanagh (The Flash, Ed, and Royal Pains) as Mister Fantastic because he has proven himself convincingly as a scientist on screen (aka Dr. Harrison Wells in the Flash). Both Reed Richards and Dr. Wells are cast as geniuses lacking charm and EQ, yet brilliant enough to attract ladies like the Invisible Woman. They also play the father figure role to the team/hero, and they occasionally opt for decisions difficult to relate to, sometimes seeming to go against the protagonist or what the audience might believe is the right course of action. Finally, Tom Cavanagh really does look like Reed Richards, as well as an older and more seasoned Miles Teller.

All these actors are generally TV actors and/or smaller stage actors, which is why I suggested perhaps a Netflix TV series as a potential alternative.

Reed Richards

Susan Storm

Johnny Storm

Ben Grimm

The final poster:


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