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Alex West
Fox clearly doesn't know what to do with The Fantastic Four movie rights, well they don't know how to handle them properly. Fox can benefit & still profit from the Fantastic four if they sell the right back to Marvel, here's 5 reasons why Fox should & MUST sell the Fantastic four right back to Marvel

5: HULK vs Thing

Now this probably won't be a movie ( wouldn't that be awesome) but this is something all fans want to see on the big screen, I mean imagine how epic this would be if these to collide on the big screen!! Just imagine!!

4: Expanding the MCU

Marvel can only do so much with what they have planned thus far with their slate of movies to be released, but if the Fantastic Four were join the MCU this can give Marvel more opportunities to continue their MCU phases with possible storylines & crossovers with the Fantastic Four group

3: Spider-Man/Fantastic Four movie

We all know Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four in the comics & if the Fantastic Four joins the MCU along side with Spider-Man then this will do fans justice if done right

2: Fantastic Four Netflix series

Now this may not seem popular with many but this could possibly work (Just look at DareDevil) You can only do so many Fantastic Four movies & eventually it'll be time for something else, so perhaps The Fantastic Four as a Netflix original series could do it justice. If this does happen, you give the writters more freedom & Marvel & Netflix are already in the works to bring the Defenders to Netflix (DareDevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke cage) so if Marvel & Netflix can make that happen then The Fantastic Four could work just as well.

1: it's best for business!!

Fox is already doing good with the X-men & Soon Deadpool, so by giving Marvel back the rights to the Fantastic four they can save themselves any more trouble from a property that they clearly do know how to handle & in they can still profit in the long term. Come on Fox just Give Marvel the right back please!!


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