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Fans of Pokemon are understandably psyched for the release date of Niantic's augmented reality game, Pokemon GO. This iOS and Android game promises to introduce Pokemon into the world around us, and that's a prospect that is bound to excite millions of people. We don't know much about Pokemon GO at the moment, therefore, imaginations have been running wild concerning what the game could actually feature.

The Pokemon community is an active and vocal gathering of gamers. They've been discussing this title's potential for quite some time, and we feel that some of these ideas need to be acknowledged. A lot of them probably aren't going to come to fruition, but we can dream, right? Let's take a look at some of the features that fans would love to see in Pokemon GO on its release date!

A Desirable Release Date: Features Fans Want In Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Oh, if you have any suggestions for how the game would be improved for you we'd love to hear from you in the comments below. For now, let's see what's out there:

  • Running a gym. HOLY SHIT! Imagine if there was someone out there with the time and abilities to run a Pokemon gym. Challengers could enter the location and challenge the leader in battles we could all actually go and watch. This is actually possible, though it hinges on how the battle system actually works. If we have enough variety, gyms could be something that'll spring up after the game's release date.
  • Handing out badges. One fan suggested that he'd make badges to hand out to anyone that beat him in a battle. Ehh, yes!
  • Pokedex phone cases. In an ideal world, these would be flip cases that would make sounds if we so desired them to. Yeah, this would be pretty damn cool!
Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO
  • Adding other players' Pokemon to your Pokedex through a system that's similar to Nintendo's StreetPass function on the 3DS.
  • Imagine if weather played a role in terms of electing the Pokemon that would appear in your area! The game could connect with a weather app in order to filter the Pokemon that become available. Day/night cycles would be another option that would be far easier to provide in Pokemon GO - this would also impact on the available Pokemon.
  • From Vibrunazo: "I want to catch a Grimer on my toilet."
  • Non-automated combat. YES!
  • Being able to upload our Pokemon to the PokeBank for use in the handheld games. That'd be pretty sweet.
Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Out of this entire list, I think the one thing that we can all agree on is this: Pokemon GO needs a full-fledged battle system rather than having an automated attack one. This would add an element of skill to the game, and without this we won't be able to have real-life gyms, people! And that'd be the real tragedy here.

But what about you guys? Are there any features that you'd love to see implemented into Pokemon GO for its release date? If so, let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear from you ;)


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