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Netflix simultaneously launched in 130 countries as a part of its vigorous expansion plan.

Netflix Inc. finally made an announcement in his keynote at 2016’s Las Vegas CES about its recent expansions across the globe. The company’s services are now live in nearly 130 countries. It finally extended its services in India and Pakistan. India’s expansion was one of the most awaited in recent times and for that the firm started to work on Bollywood content as well to make an impactful entry in the region.

The television giant was expected to expand in most parts of Asia including India and China, however it was revealed yesterday that the services are extended almost everywhere except China. Regardless of it, the main focus was on India as its domestic growth was dying slowly. The streaming service provider’s main aim in India is to revolutionize how and from whom the country consumes entertainment. Netflix was facing immense slow growth in the United States which is why it planned to opt for vigorous expansion strategy which saw the company extending its services in nearly 130 countries simultaneously.

NFLX realizes the significance of the Indian entertainment market in fact it stated that it would need the diversification which India offers. India is the largest populated country in the world which is another advantage to the streaming giant. “And Indian audiences could no doubt use the diversification away from the histrionic serial dramas typically served up by the Indian television industry, which is losing its edge in a country with a massive population of young people,” added Quartz.

Netflix has expanded with its regular three subscription plans which are basic, standard, and premium. The basic plan is priced at Rs. 500 whereas the standard and premium plans are priced at Rs. 650 and Rs. 800. The company is offering free first month to all of its customers in these 130 regions.

The streaming giant will not be the first and only video content streaming provider in India. There are a couple of local established businesses such as Star’s Hotstar and Eros Now. Both of these homegrown companies offer free services for the time being and with free stuff the library content is limited as well.

Despite of the fact that the Indian market is important to Netflix at this point, there are a few challenges which the company would have to consider before making its mark in the industry. India is the home to one of the largest illegal and pirated online content in the world and as this has been the case since forever, consumers might be unwilling to pay for the content as Netflix is launched.


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