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This is a FANTASTIC game! At 20 bucks its highly recommended! The devs did a great job with the budget they had! The mechanics, the art style, the animations, the narration - its simply great! Possibly my GOTY 2015 if not a lot happens...its brutal, but brutally fun - highly recommended!

An interesting idea and an equally interesting art style. It does have all the tell tale signs of an unfinished unpolished product, yet it still intrigues and pulls in. Sometimes corny sometimes dramatic, one feels the creators could have swerved more toward the comical satirical side.

You never seem to run out of new heroes coming in, ready to step into the meat grinder. Slowly but surely You start memorising their skills, quirks and synergies as decisions need to be made on saving the ones that Your playstyle prefers.

The basics are well known, by now everyone has stumbled on one type of roguelike or another. By constantly staring a mission then winning, winning partially or not completely failing You gain resources used to gradually upgrade a base camp which allows for many flavours of developing Your hero stable which You then again throw against even harder missions. The gameplay itself could be called turn based, though out of combat there are elements that grant the illusion of real time.

Well worthy of recommendation even in it's current state. It sadly requires the terrible Steam... so perhaps if You are patient... wait a half year and get it DRM - free somewhere...hopefully ironed out by then.

Darkest Dungeon is at it’s heart more than just a rogue-like RPG. It’s a tale, a story, an epic if you will. Becoming attached to your characters cannot be helped and only makes those final blows much more painful to witness. You cannot go wrong with Darkest Dungeon.


Gameplay: Darkest Dungeon gameplay is slow and methodical, but that does not make it stale. Oh no, the gameplay is as staunch as the droves of monsters you’ll slay. To rush your decisions will lead your party to suffer both mentally and physically. It’s unforgiving, and you’ll probably throw a few cusses at the screen but it’s part of the experience. This is a turned-based strategy gem, and you’ll see that the moment you step into the abyss.

Mechanics: Controls are simple, actions are responsive. It’s a very well designed UI with enough depth to achieve what you want without feeling overwhelmed by navigation. You can literally play the entire game with just a mouse, unless you wish to name your characters after family members (not recommended).

Graphics: Amazing enough to warrant the purchase of an art book. It’s orginal, somber, but warm enough to set it apart from other dreary titles. It takes you back, draws you in, and provides more than enough character and emotion while remaining true to the art direction. Nothing seems out of place, and at the same time everything feels otherworldly.

Story: A solid foundation for a rogue-like game, and more than enough narration and backstory to keep you invested. The story is not the focus, but will provide you with everything you need to understand the world and characters.

Replayability: Very high. There’s tons of upgrades (both town and character) and lots of trinkets to be found, if you stay alive long enough to make use of them. On top of that, there are currently three distinct areas with different enemies and randomized dungeons.

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Developer: Red Hook Studios

Genre(s): Role-Playing


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