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No, see- no, okay? Just No!

Firstly we have to remember that the Star Wars Universe is not bound to the same laws of physics as our universe, as demonstrated simply by SWU ion rockets not working like our own, but better, faster, and stronger, along with other various OBVIOUS examples.

Secondly, the Death Star would not have made a crater because it's altitude was above the atmosphere of the forest moon of Endor. Since it exploded in space, the force of the explosion would have blown slightly less than 38% of the debris directly at the surface whilst an estimated 15% (give or take) would have been shot along the planet, trapped in the gravitational pull just enough to slingshot around the planet's horizon, thereby completely melting into nothing before hitting the surface, and the rest of the debris (about 47.5496281 to 50%) would have been blown into space with enough force to escape the gravitational pull of the forest moon of Endor.

Now take into account the various sizes of the debris and the temperature of the debris during the explosion. There were no pieces that could have been bigger than a car because the explosion of the Death Star was like . And given the various materials used on the Death Star, everything that wasn't incinerated was super heated by the explosion. This tells us that any debris not flung away from Endor would be so hot from the explosion that it would enter Endor's atmosphere super heated at such high temperatures that the added heat of atmospheric entry would have completely vaporized any debris smaller than a 1 story house.

Since all the debris was already smaller than a car, it is safe to assume that everything was indeed either vaporized one way or another, or blown into space. Had there been any debris bigger than a small house, the possibility of impact is valid, but it would melt so much that by the time it hit the ground, it would be smaller than a beach ball.

This theory of debris destruction via atmospheric entry is largely thanks to my understanding of atmospheres and also thanks to Something, Something, Something, Dark Side, wherein Leia got hit by a piece of Alderaan, which is what reminded me about atmospheric entry cause & effect, resulting in this rant before I've had coffee, let alone left my bed.


Do you believe the 11 Physicists that the explosion would have destroyed all of Endor or does my explanation make more sense because it seems the Physicists didn't take into account what I did?


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