ByJerome Osterloh, writer at

There's a lot of questions still to do answered about the main villin in the new Star Wars movie. Where did he come from? What species is he? How did he come in contact with Ben Solo a.k.a Kylo Ren? Well I think a friend and I might just have a few answers.

Supreme leader Snoke is a Yuuzhan Vong we believe if you look at picture of Snoke and a Yuuzhan Vong they seem to look quite similar. This would also make sense because if you look at the comic books Han and Leia have a son named Jacen who turns to the dark side after being kidnapped by these Yuuzhan Vong. I believe Disney has decided to use parts of the comic books in the new movies. First because when Luke has a child with Mara jade they name their son Ben Skywalker. Second Han and Leia have twins jacen and a daughter who's name escapes me right now and they're daughter actually kills jacen. So Disney it seems flipped a few things around from the comics. Back to the yuuzhan vongs they also can't be sensed by force users so that would means Luke might not have ever known about Snoke in the first place. So what do you guys think is Snoke a yuuzhan vong? Or something else?


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