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Spoilers. Duh.

Star Wars contains some amazing characters from Luke to Han and we've all come to love them. With the launch of The Force Awakens we have now been introduced too even more. We've all come to Love Finn and Poe, read about their relationship here, but there is someone the internet has come to love even more than the new 'bad guy' Kylo Ren, TR-8R.

During the latest Star Wars film Finn is approached by a lone stormtrooper during the attack on Takodana. The stormtrooper, appropriately named TR-8R, calls Finn a traitor before they engaged in a sword-esque fight where Finn is of course using Luke's original lightstaber whilst TR-8R wields a strange electric weapon.


Many fans have already fallen in love with TR-8R but some think that this fight should have been with Captain Phasma. A character that had almost no positive impact on the movie. Since The Force Awakens came out, the stormtrooper has become a viral sensation, spawning several Internet memes regarding his now famous scene.

According to, the trooper who takes on Finn is officially called FN-2199, but his friends gave him the nickname “Nines.” He appears in Greg Rucka’s young reader novel Before the Awakening, where he is shown training alongside Finn (who then was just FN-2187). His weapon is a Z6 baton, which is issued to soldier part of riot control. Nines was in an elite squad that can either “enforces order or squashes uprisings.” Theoretically, it’s supposed to be non-lethal, but it can cause serious harm (to the point of killing someone) when used with enough force.

Fans who have come to love the stormtrooper have even maybe not seen the last of him after he was shot by Chewbacca.

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