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Star Wars: The Force Awakens left us with a lot of unanswered questions:

• Who is Snoke?

• Will Rey become a Jedi?

• Is it possible Luke will train her?

• Will Kylo Ren betray Snoke?

Episode VIII will hopefully answer at least one of these questions. Until then some theories I have to help answer some of these questions is what this article is about.

Snoke; a lot of people say that he looks a lot like Darth Plagueis.

Although Plagueis supposedly was killed by Darth Sidious before the Clone Wars, it is possible he was revived due to his ability to influence medi-chlorians. However, many people counter this statement with the fact that in Episode III Palpatine said Plagueis was unable to save himself with this ability. It is possible though that before his death he learned to influence his own medi-chlorians therefore saving his life even though Sidious believed his master dead.

Force sensitive Rey; so many people asked the question: Will she be a Jedi?

I belive she will be, some people even belive she is the child of Han and Leia or maybe even Luke's daughter even though Luke's wife Mara Jade hasn't been introduced in the Cinematic universe yet. I however belive she is neither of those but may be the descendant of a Jedi knight other than Luke because in comic story arcs Luke never had a daughter named Rey.

Rey needs training, will Luke take her as an apprentice?

Indeed I believe so because who else could train a Jedi, considering there's no other Jedi in the universe anymore.

The ultimate question: will Kylo stay loyal to Snoke?

A debate is That Kylo said " I will Finish what you started " referring to Darth Vader but we know Vader returned to the light side in episode VI. So was Kylo referring to finishing off the rebels or finishing off the Empire and Dark side? I think Kylo is going to betray Snoke and that killing his father Han may have been something he did to gain Snoke's trust so that in the long run he could end Snoke's First Order and revive the Jedi order with Luke.

What do you think about these questions/theories? Will they be answer in Episode VIII and Episode IX ? I hope so and I know other Star Wars fans are hoping too.

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