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We've all seen a few strange ads featuring prominent celebrities as they advertise products or services despite their prominent status. Why? Well, because the pay check is usually pretty damn good. In the U.S. this is generally looked upon negatively, with the thought that doing ads somehow undermines the image of the celebrity, but abroad they're a little more relaxed.

It's a ridiculous thought really; celebrities are just working day to day jobs like the rest of us... although with a much better take-home. So with this in mind, let's run through a few celebs who are happy to have appeared in foreign ads.

1. Katie Cassidy's Chinese Coca Cola Ad

Katie Cassidy is best known for portraying the love interest / ex girlfriend / ally / bitter enemy / close friend / partner in crime of Stephen Amell's character, Oliver Queen, in the hit CW series, Arrow. Well, here she is in a Chinese Cola ad!

Did you enjoy that? Okay, here's another!

2. Emily Bett Rickards's Incredible Chinese Cola Ad

Emily Bett Rickards is the golden heart of the Arrow television series. Starring opposite Amell's Oliver Queen, Felicity is the geek we love to love. She even manages to shine in a Cola ad!

3. Leonardo DiCaprio's Jim Beam Ad

The Wolf of Wall Street meets Titanic, as Leo finally gets his own back against the ice in this Asian Jim Beam Ad!

4. Brad Pitt's Japanese Ad

Brad Pitt's energy drink ad is probably the most normal on this list. Then again, Brad is throwing a printer down the stairs, which everyone who has worked in an office can attest to considering.

5. Nicolas Cage's Strange Japanese Ad

Some of those Japanese ad's are pretty damn strange, so throw in some quality acting from Hollywood's professional madman, Nick Cage, and what do we get? This... we get this... whatever it is.

6. Hugh Laurie's Schweppes Ad

Surely we can't get enough of Hugh Laurie... well, that was his schweppes ad, although he really did seem to be in the Dr. House character.


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