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Mars, Normandy, Iraq, man-made space station, Matt Damon please, can you chill out for a minute so we can work out where we're supposed to be saving you from next? Thanks.

It's been a running joke for a while now that the plot of every Matt Damon movie somehow revolves around saving him from impending doom. So much so that Quora user Kynan Eng has sat down with a calculator and 'worked out' exactly how many fictional pennies have been splurged getting him home. As you probably guessed, it's kind of a lot. $900 billion kind of a lot.

Here are his estimations:

Courage Under Fire

Estimated Amount: $300,000

Rescue: Gulf War, by helicopter.

Saving Private Ryan

Estimated Amount: $100,000, plus the lives of a bunch of dudes.

Rescue: WW2, search party.

Titan A.E.

Estimated Amount: $200 Billion

Rescue: Earth evacuation, by spaceship.


Estimated Amount: $50,000

Rescue: Middle East, return flight with private security.

Green Zone

Estimated Amount: $50,000

Rescue: Middle East, by US Army transport.


Estimated Amount: $100 million

Rescue: Space station security deployment and damages.


Estimated Amount: $500 Billion

Rescue: Interstellar spaceship.

The Martian

Estimated Amount: $200 Billion

Rescue: Mars mission.

TOTAL: $900B plus change

The three movies set in space call for the majority of the cash, because obviously intergalactic shit is pretty pricey and he jumps through vortexes and what have you. However, if you want the actual reasoning behind Kynan Eng's estimations, he's done a pretty decent breakdown here which takes into account fuel costs and all that jazz.

He also considers this vital question:

Is saving Matt Damon worth the cost?

I can’t answer this question. However, given that the world produces $80 trillion of stuff each year and spends $1.6 trillion on military stuff each year, it seems that in a true emergency situation we’d easily come up with the spare change to save all of humanity (including Matt Damon).

Source: cinemablend, quora


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