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Pop star Shawn Mendes is making his acting debut on CW's dystopian drama The 100 this month, and we have your first sneak peak!

The 100 is easily one of the most underrated and best shows on TV, and as it prepares to make it's Season 3 debut on The CW, it would seem this will be the series biggest season yet! Late last year Shawn Mendes, social media star turned pop star best known for his top 40 hits Stitches and Life of the Party, announced that he would be guest starring on the popular dystopian drama for it's third season. Fans erupted in excitement, though no details were given on his character, much less of Season 3. Now, however, we have some clues thanks to this brand new The 100 clip released today! Watch below!

In the clip, we see Shawn's character interacting with series regular Raven as she bribes him for a song, and with a voice like his, we would too. Shawn appears to be a sky person just trying to get a bite to eat on the base, suggesting food is limited. It's also clear Raven is struggling about what to do the disability she acquired last season. Abby, the resident physician, relents on her persistence on getting Raven to accept a surgery and joins her for a drink.

A quick synopsis of The 100: 100 years after the Earth had been destroyed by a nuclear war, 100 teenagers are sent to earth after living in in space to maintain the population until earth was safe again. These 100 teenagers, called sky people, were to be the determining factor on if it was safe to return to gravity again. When they arrive, they encounter clans of people who had survived the radiation called grounders, and the battle for ground begins. Lead by Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), the 100 must fight to survive against the various clans.

The first two seasons of The 100 are available to stream on Netflix.

Season 3 of The 100 premieres January 21st at 9/8c on The CW!


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