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Mike's Horror Den

Yesterday horror fans got some great news that Tales from the Crypt was being brought back to television. I, like most fans, were so excited to hear this. I remember when I was young and I would sit in front of the t.v. and turn on HBO to see this great anthology show.

Today, rumors are spreading, that the Crypt Keeper may not be included in the new series. I could not believe it. You can't have Tales from the Crypt without him. He's a huge part of what makes the show amazing. The reason he may not be included is because HBO owns the rights to the character and the new series will air on TNT.

They still have a lot of time before dilming begins, so I can only hope they come to an agreement. I think there would be a huge piece missing without the Crypt Keeper. We'll see what happens ghouls!


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