ByTaylor Felts, writer at

Just want to say, Until Dawn was absolutely amazing, I beat it twice already and plan on beating it a few more times. I read about an, "Until Dawn 2" possibility but aren't sure the game could have a sequel the way it was made. I have an idea, if you were to make a sequel, the best way to probably do that, is to have an entire new group of people and maybe make it to where they may mention or tell stories of what happened in the original game and happen in the same location but maybe have discoverable new areas around the place. I also think it would be cool to explore the area of the burnt down house, well in both of my playthroughs it was burned down, not sure if it is optional or not. Just about every building was blown except for the small cabin but I think it would make an interesting story seeing the wreckage from the original and exploring the mines more. I think a prequel would also be awesome because while exploring, I found a lot of clues dating back to 1952 and it seems like a lot of history happened that could be played and showing the windigo outbreak during the experiments they were doing. Just some ideas that I hope helps, I enjoyed the game tremendously and look forward to future games that you all will create. :)


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