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As you all aware that Mr. Freeze is coming in episode 12 on season 2.

But not only that, I didn't expect to hear some little rumors about

some people's bodies are in Dr Strange's lab. Like Barbara Kean &

Theo Galavan. But still thank god for Theo is dead.

But for the part I read and really excited about is this

"Many fans are hoping he also has Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) in his lab, allowing for the Joker's return to "Gotham".

Jerome Laughing
Jerome Laughing

What that means: More Jerome, More laughs!

If more you want to see, here's the link:

Can't wait to see what happens and the excitement for Mr. Freeze,

Dr. Strange and Jerome!

Gotham "Rise of the villains".
Gotham "Rise of the villains".

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