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South Shores of Long Island in New York, 112 Ocean Avenue, is known as The Amityville Horror house. We understand the story of the Lutz family as we saw it in theaters and at home. But how much do we really know, though? We know of the story how it's portrayed in Hollywood, but what did Daniel Lutz really feel and see? He fills you in on how this place affected his life, even 35 years later, in the movie My Amityville Horror.

History of the Amityville home

The Defeo Family

On November 13th 1974, Ronald Defeo Jr. had shot and killed his family; the victims were Ronald DeFeo, Sr. (44), Louise DeFeo (42), and four of their children: Dawn (18); Allison (13); Marc (12); and John Matthew (9). There is much speculation about the murders, saying the family was asleep throughout. There had been no signs of a struggle during the murders of all 6 family members, which is outrageous considering the sound of a .35 caliber lever action Marlin 336C rifle going off 6 times at three o'clock in the morning.

Ronald Defeo Jr. and the home in Amityville.
Ronald Defeo Jr. and the home in Amityville.

There are a lot of different ideas on why Ronald Defeo Jr. killed his whole family at that time. However the story has changed throughout the years, even now.

If you'd like to learn more about the case, and are open to the idea of a psychic, there is a video posted below. There are five parts, and they include Ronald Defeo and his recent accounts on what happened that evening.

The Lutz Family

The Lutz family moved in December 1975, George Lutz and Kathy Lutz including their three children, Daniel being one of them. The family moved out 28 days later, speaking of paranormal phenomenon happening in the house.

The accounts by George and Kathy Lutz were:

  • George would wake up at 3:15 every morning to go check on the boathouse, he would later find out, that was the time that the Defeo's murders took place.
  • On the first day of arrival, there was a swarm of flies that invaded the home, and ran out a priest who also recalls hearing a voice saying "GET OUT."
  • Their younger daughter Missy had discovered an imaginary friend by the name of Jodie.
  • Kathy would hear doors and windows opening and closing, when she was sure there was no one else in the house with her.
  • A green oozing substance coming down from the wall.

These are only a few of the accounts by the Lutz family. Many people felt like this was all a hoax for the family to gain money. Though there is speculation, who would leave all of their belongings behind unless they were absolutely terrified?

My Amityville Horror

My Amityville Horror is available on Hulu. This documentary is about the life of Daniel Lutz and the experiences he went through in that home, and what he has suffered through mentally after 35 years. It's very uncommon for most people to speak out about things that are hard to explain. Daniel even says in his movie "there was a priest who performed an exorcism on me, and I'm pretty sure they don't wanna talk about that."

The story that Daniel tells is a bit different to what the Lutz family were claiming. In my opinion, George and Kathy claimed there was no reasoning behind all the activity. As we move through the movie, Daniel lets us in on little bits that were unheard of until now.

  • George Lutz was into the occult, black magic, and things of that sort.
  • There was a lot of tension between step-dad George Lutz and Daniel.
  • Daniel had no knowledge of the murders until moving into the home with George and Kathy.

There are little things throughout the movie, that make you realize he has completely evolved his life around this house. As said before, many have chosen to believe this is all a hoax, trying to make money out of the claims they made in the very little time they lived there. The way Daniel portrays himself in this movie, you will see that he is more than on a payroll for publicity. The accounts he experienced through the home are shocking, and certainly unbelievable. Yet, very real to Daniel Lutz.

This documentary is worth a watch, to see and feel the emotion within the interview. It will make you question if this was a hoax or just stuff stirred up by the step-father because of his interest and intensity. Watching this movie opens up a new door to The Amityville Horror and the life of Daniel Lutz.


Do you think The Amityville Horror House, is all a hoax to make money?


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