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in the latest crossover event, the DC universe made a nod to a well known comics company..... MARVEL Comics! For those who have not seen the crossover event I encourage you to watch it.

This nod is just a slight one so this article will be short. First a brief overview of the cross over event.

The Flash and Arrow crossover overview.

So basically this episode starts on "The Flash" ( airing Tuesday nights at 8 o'clock on the CW). In this episode Cisco gets another date with Kendra(*SPOILER* who is also known as Hawkgirl in DC's "Legends of Tomorrow"). A strange man walks in..... he tries to kill Kendra but Barry arrives just in time to save them. Then Cisco reveals Barry's identity to her accidentally. So they go back to the HQ and they go to star city to get help from Team Arrow. The whole team soon discovers who the man really is... from a photo from the 70's and he looks exactly the same. The man turns out to be non-other than Vandal Savage himself.

While on the streets, however, Kendra is picked up (literally) by Hawkman. So Team Arrow and Flash start to fight him and eventually win. Hawkman explains that Kendra is a reincarnated priestess named shai'yera (sorry if I spelt it wrong) who, as it turns out, has a history with Savage and Hawkman. The team then finds Savage and he acquires the staff of horus. Then they make a plan to stop him.

So Cisco wind up creating some gloves that will contain the power of the staff because they discovered it creates its own type of energy field. so the plan was that Kendra play along that she was shai'yera and knew what he was talking about. so unfortunately that attempt failed and Savage destroyed the city. Barry, however, escaped and time traveled back to earlier in the day when they were still thinking of a plan. so Barry improved upon everything considering that he time jumped backwards. so he improved the plan thus making the mission a success and turning savage into a pile of ashes. Though after Malcom Merlin, the new leader of the league of assassins, is seen gathering Vandal Savages ashes into an earn. and the credits roll.

The nod to the MCU

Unfortunately no one else has caught this nod and there is no clip showing it. the nod is basically this: The Queen is walking up to the door and says " hmm.. superheroes living in a farmhouse, where have I seen this before?".

So the nod was a small one and it was a nod to the largely successful MARVEL Studios film "Avengers Age of Ultron". The reason why is because All the avengers go to Hawkeye's (Jeremy Renner) farmhouse.

So though it is slight fans who notice will surely get a kick out of this nod to the MCU and avengers movies. The episode of the flash and arrow are aptly named "Legends of Today' and "Legends of Yesterday" the flash airs Tuesdays at 8 on the CW and arrow airs wendsdays at 8 also on the CW. also on the watch CW app and on demand if your local cable provider offers it.

Have fun and keep nerding on!


So what did you think of the nod to the avengers 2?


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