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It was in 2012 when we were first introduced to the eerie, shadowed demon Bughuul in the film Sinister... and now we continue that story in 2015 with Sinister 2.

Hiding from her abusive, estranged husband, Courtney Collins lives in a rural house with her 9-year-old twins, Dylan and Zach. Young Dylan receives nightly visits from ghoulish kids who show him disturbing images of families being slaughtered. It's all part of the grand plan of Bughuul, the evil spirit who recruits innocent children to murder their loved ones. The only hope for his intended new victims may be a former deputy who's familiar with Bughuul's fiendish work from the past (via

Released in August of 2015, the film found itself swarmed with negative reviews and low ratings by many critics and websites alike. It never seems to be a surprise when a sequel to a successful horror film doesn't follow up well to its predecessor; however, Sinister 2 finds ways to do the opposite.

Although the film may not be as creepy as Sinister, it does possess some qualities that make it an thrilling movie to watch with a group of friends. With that being said, here are 3 reasons why Sinister 2 deserves a chance:

1. The Mythology of Bughuul

In the first Sinister film, Bughuul was a demon that was kept in the shadows and there was little known about him except that he claims the souls of children. In the sequel, the audience gets the chance to learn more about him and uncover the secrets behind his history. To some, this may seem like a bad idea due to the fact that lots of people consider less to be scarier; however, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

As a person who thoroughly enjoyed the first Sinister, I found the history of Bughuul to be intriguing and insightful. It allowed audiences to get a better understanding of who he is and why he does what he does. Even though we don't get an exact reasoning for his actions, it leads us into thinking deeper about who Bughuul really is and where he came from. Either way, it'll leave you checking underneath your bed before going to sleep at night.

2. The Killer Super 8 Films

One of the creepiest things about the first Sinister is, of course, the super 8 films; a series of films that show the bizarre and unnerving murders of many families that in the end tie the story together. Let's just say that if I found a box of these films, I would place them right back into the box and they'd be waiting for the next person to find them. I've seen enough horror movies to know better.

As a fan of the first Sinister, I was curious as to whether the super 8 films in this movie would be on par with the others. It's awesome to say that the films made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, just as the others did. The films are just as disturbing and eerie as the ones before; giving the audience the feeling that their watching a Sinister movie.

3. Different but Sticks to the Roots

Horror movie sequels are very much the same as when a new horror movie comes out every year; it'll either be a hit or miss. Most of the time, the sequel will be compared to the originality of the the first film, which will ultimately help audiences make their decisions on whether the new installment is good or bad.

I'm happy to say that Sinister 2 does a great job of sticking to the roots of the first Sinister. Since the audiences have most likely seen the first film, we aren't treated to the same thing like we were before. With Sinister 2, we get the same story, but are looking at it from another persons perspective. In this case, the audiences are looking through the eyes of the children that are being consumed by Bughuul. The children take on a bigger role in this one, letting Deputy So-and-so (the deputy from the first film) take the passenger seat. The audience is allowed to view the process of how these kids are led to commit their crimes and forever be held in the hands of Bughuul.

The film also carries a secondary story line that follows Courtney and her two twin boys that are on the run from her abusive husband. Although it may sound a bit underwhelming and not appealing, the way the story is told makes it well executed and promising. The relationship between Courtney and Deputy So-and-so also helps the story move along and it almost seems like the movie has maybe some heart to it.

In the end, Sinister 2 gives us a familiar story with a different take and although it might not be a horror masterpiece, it definitely carries the feel of a BlumHouse Production, which is what audiences love!


Sinister 2 is available on Blu ray and DVD now!


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