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Today I saw an article on this webpage that actually irritated me to my core. Mr. Hemsworth is on the grill at the moment for a "culturally insensitive" photo that portrayed him dressed as a Native American as viewed by a stereotypical perspective. It seemed as though it was for some sort of themed party, which shouldn't be taken seriously in the first place. It is true that European descendants in the U.S. have oppressed a multitude of races throughout our history, but at this time where, quoting a joke by Louis C.K., racism is more mild than anything it shouldn't have been regarded as offensive. I do stand-up comedy, don't google my name I'm not famous, and I see African-American comedians portrayed whites as monotone rhythmless (might not be a word) robots and other races making fun of a slew of other cultures and their fan base grows. Categorization of a whole race is wrong as well as all stereotypes, but also having a double standard for white Americans as opposed to the rest of the races and cultures that take residence in this great nation is also racist and culturally insensitive. Sure what he did was wrong, I am not condoning his actions but we can't expect anything to change if all people are not held accountable for culturally offensive and racist comments. Pharell did the exact same thing and I have yet to see that go viral. Ask your self this, why is it ok for a certain group or groups to categorize, stereotype, belittle, and mock a culture but not the other(s). If you actually find a reason why that's ok then (cliché closing statement) you are part of the problem.

P.S. Don't know why I'm typing this like a letter but I hope you really read and try to understand my perspective, as opposed to finding a reason to troll.


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