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"The Force Awakens" came out introducing our new characters for this new trilogy: Finn, Rey, Phasma and Kylo Ren. We obviously get Snoke but we dont know so much about him it would be pointless to talk about him.

There are a lot of things in the new Star Wars that we love and in other hand hate. We get introduced to this characters with potential but they also dissapoint us. Kylo Ren´s attitude is good for a change so we dont get introduced someone like Darth Maul for example. In him we see fear and anger expressed in many ways. From the start of the movie we get him introduced in an awesome way no doubt but he got angry each minute the movie passes. We get that if things dont work well for him he get mad. Still this is not the character I find that have problems.

Lets talk about Captain Phasma. We see this awesome captain with her suit and gun. We saw her and from that moment most of us wanted her to beat some ass. Of course thats not what happens. We didnt saw her do one useless thing than talking. When she get attacked by Finn and Han she doesnt do anything to defend herself, she just do what she is ordered to do by Finn and Han. And the last thing we know is that she got dumped we know where. C´mon, maybe she will do something in the next episode but that is in 2 years. Her character didnt show potential and I expected more from her than the TR-8R stormtrooper.

Finn´s character have humor and in other words, a coward. But this definition of if he is a coward or not is...well...confusing. From not doing what he was ordered to do by Kylo, from killing his partners. We get it, he is not a bad guy but the friendships he had stop meaning something to him. But I think thats not the greatest problem I personally have with this character but his feelings towards Rey. The first time they met she punched him, he lied to her and then he says he finds her special cause she didnt judged him? If he said in the first place he was a Stormtrooper maybe Rey wouldnt have cared for him. What they experienced together made her realize that he is good and thats why she didnt care when he told the truth. That or people are convinced too easy in this new trilogy. Its pointless that he says this things to her when it was all lies. It was like a Disney love moment wich made me hate that scene even more.

Now lets go to the final one. Rey. I cant complain really about Rey. I loved her character. She is not only a beautiful character but she also has great attitude. She acts strong all the time. I loved that Rey is the protagonist of the movie that has the force. She is capable of turning into a Jedi but also going to the Dark Side. We see her anger, her brutality but we know se will be a Jedi. Her moving to the Dark Side would be something weird even after that ending with her giving Luke his lightsaber. We knew from that moment she will be trained by him.

I could finish my first article saying that all characters are great but they need to have more potential shown in the new episodes.


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