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We are Just four short months away from the epic event that will be [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). I believe this will be the last act of what will surpass the Iron Man franchise as the best trilogy in the MCU. Why I think it will be the last one is fodder for a different day, but let me just say cough*cough* cough*cough* ...

I have read some nice articles posted here on MoviePilot about the movie like "6 key characters from the Civil War Comics who will not be in Captain America: Civil War" and Here Are 5 Reasons Why Captain America: Civil War Won't Live Up To Its Potential so I though that I would ante up with some opposing thoughts on the folks that may show up; good and bad, human and super human, I feel as if there is some evidence that we could legitimately see any of these characters in CA:CW despite the fact that they are not listed on the IMDB roster.

I don't do spoiler alerts, so you are on your own. If you are reading about the movie and you don't want to know about it, you are not the brightest bulb on the porch, so you probably won't remember what I write anyways...

But you'll like the trailer 'cuz moving pictures and shiny things:

1. Giant Man - AKA Ant Man - AKA Scott Lang

AKA Paul Rudd #nailedit#nailedit" title="AKA Paul Rudd ">
AKA Paul Rudd

Well, everyone knows that Paul Rudd is a part of this project, and it is virtually assured that he will be on Team Cap, but he is sure going to have a hard time among these guys at ant-size, so, Giant Man. There is also that toy (kinda gives it away), sooo, I think this one is a gimme.

GI-ant Man #alsoaterriblename#alsoaterriblename" title="GI-ant Man ">
GI-ant Man

One part of the puzzle left; why? We are going to need a reason for the use of this plot device and he is coming up next in our countdown - err - count up...

Likelihood of Giant Man appearing:

4 out of 4 Cap shields
4 out of 4 Cap shields

UPDATE: just found this - RH (1/21/16)

One of these things is not like the other...
One of these things is not like the other...

2. Red Hulk - AKA General Ross - AKA Thunderbolt

AKA William Hurt #oscarwinner#oscarwinner" title="AKA William Hurt ">
AKA William Hurt

William Hurt will be back in his roll as General "Thunderbolt" Ross, this much we know. Here is why I think we might see the transformation to Red Hulk status. First, the absence of The Hulk on the scene, and the circumstances of the battle with the Hulkbuster (and it's decimation of the city) leaves room for the Big Red. They will be working on the science in the film so they can begin to understand how to prevent such destruction in the future. Also, the fundamentals of creating a Hulk have been beaten to death since 2003, so going through an elaborate origin story won't be necessary (or tolerated) by the audience. He could, literally show up out of no where and be retconned.

This time the poison vials will be red...
This time the poison vials will be red...

Further, again, in The Hulks absence, we won't have to have the face-off between the two Hulks that theater goers will eventually demand, yet. Lastly, It's a nice tip of the hat to the Thunderbolts who may come around in some variation to assist Thanos later. I believe, strongly, that there will at least be a major Easter egg to introduce the idea of Red Hulk, so if I include that...

Likelihood of Red Hulk appearing or major Easter egg:

3 out of 4 Cap shields (1.5-RH and 1.5-Easter egg)
3 out of 4 Cap shields (1.5-RH and 1.5-Easter egg)

3. Punisher - AKA Frank Castle - AKA Serious Badass

AKA Jon Bernthal #theoldultraviolent#theoldultraviolent" title="AKA Jon Bernthal ">
AKA Jon Bernthal

Now we are getting a bit further into the realm (is it the 10th realm?) of wishful/ hopeful thinking. The Punisher was an integral part of the comic series to be sure, and while this movie is surely not going note for note, there certainly will be repeated homages to the source material. This choice would be a fan-boy favorite. Unlike some, I believe it is inevitable that the MCU and the MTVU continue to collide in synergistic (google it) ways. With last weeks announcement that Daredevil season 2 is set to begin streaming on March 18, 2016, a full eight weeks before Civil War, a mere rumor that one or more of the Netflix characters might appear would almost certainly up viewership of the series and encourage fans those on the fence to watch. As with Red Hulk, I'm definitely calling Easter egg a possibility too. How about following the exploits of certain "street level" vigilantes on computer monitors and showing the inevitable scene (that must be in season 2 of DD) where Daredevil will see the REAL Punisher blow some bad guy away...

Likelihood of The Punisher appearing or major/minor Easter egg:

2 out of 4 Cap shields
2 out of 4 Cap shields

4. Team Ant Man - Michael Douglas - Evangeline Lilly - Michael Pena - T.I. & the other guy...

Baskin-Robbins always finds out #daddydontgetscared#daddydontgetscared" title="Baskin-Robbins always finds out ">
Baskin-Robbins always finds out

Getting all five of them is a reach, however, Hank Pym in a tech discussion cameo, that's fairly fathomable; Hope accompanying Scott to the big funeral or even The Wasp suiting up in a battle scene, especially to assist Giant Man in handling his new tech, if/ when that happens (but staying ant/wasp size so as to not reduce the ultimate impact of the suit), that's clearly comprehensible; Hows about the burglar bunch showing up as Scott tells a story in the way only he can? That's luminously logical.

Likelihood of any one member of the Team Ant Man appearing in a cameo or major/minor Easter egg:

I'd say almost definite...
I'd say almost definite...

Likelihood of ALL the members appearing:

half of a Cap shield...
half of a Cap shield...


Who do you think will show up in the Civil War?


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