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To start things off, I'd like to say I haven't written a post about anything before so this is likely to be short and sweet. Also for anyone who hasn't seen The Force Awakens, there are some minor spoilers ahead.

With all the rumours circulating the internet about Supreme Leader Snoke, it seems many people have missed out on what seems to me to be a very crucial clue about who Snoke really is...

The name of the organization that he is running.

The "FIRST" Order.

To start off, let us look at the definition of "first"

1: coming before all others in time or order; earliest.

2: foremost in position, rank, or importance.

I know that I may be wrong on this, remember it is just a theory, but it seems to me that a name like "The First Order" hints at Snoke's origin being something that is even older than the Sith.

It could be that Snoke is some ancient being with ties to the origins of the Dark Side itself. He could very well be what would basically amount to Satan in Christianity.

I know this might be a bit of a stretch, but if it is true that he has been planning a takeover of the universe for a very long time, he may just be the first physical being to possess Dark Side powers. The manifestation of darkness.

Such a Being would have the patience and the wisdom to understand that in order to conquer the universe, many specific conditions must be met. Snoke has patiently been biding his time and secretly pulling the strings of every movement for the Dark Side since the very beginning.

If this happens to be true, it could also possibly be an explanation for the absence of Luke Skywalker. He may have sensed a deeper evil than anyone could imagine. As the only Jedi Master remaining, it makes sense that Luke would isolate himself in order to become a better leader. One of those "with great power comes great responsibility" moments. Luke's decisions and actions have heavy consequences for the fate of the universe, he must be wise and ready, without making the same mistakes of his predecessors, if he is going to have a chance to protect the universe. He can't afford to make any mistakes in guiding the forces of the Light Side. Especially if Snoke truly is an ancient being of absolute evil.

If you have anything to add to this theory or any counter arguements, don't be shy and comment what you think.


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