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In a recent interview with People Magazine director Zack Snyder has nothing but praise for actor Ben Affleck in the much anticipated DC movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. When asked about his casting decision Snyder stands by his decision stating the he knew that Affleck was always the right "size and age" for his vision of Batman in the upcoming film. This statement backs up what Affleck recently said about Zack approaching him during the beginning stages of the movie during Comic-con and only has fans more excited to see what many are already considering to be the most source-based adaptation of the superhero in history. Ben at first seemed unsure that he was the right person for the role. Taking his age into consideration as well as the project he had just recently taken on he felt unsure that he could meet what was considered big shoes to fill (he was after all the fifth actor to take on the job). There's no doubt that Christopher Nolan had revitalized the franchise after Batman and Robin but with the recent media released on the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe audiences have been in nothing but suspense to see the new vision Snyder is creating, not only with this film but also how this movie will lead into the Justice League, and all eyes are on anything relating to the setting DC is setting (who can ignore Suicide Squad).

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