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Firstly, I would like to say I know that I know that Fox doesn't have the rights to the superheroes that I'm going to talk about, but just take it as a hypothetical, so don't jump down my throat about the legal side of things. You never know if the pitch reaches then maybe they'll acquire the right for this specific reason.

Okay so the idea is of a superhero support group comprising of about eight or nine 'B' and 'C' listing superheroes from both Marvel and DC and more with some 'A' listers in the mix. Which they come together to "obviously" support each other about the stress of the job etc. E.g( Super villains, higher ranking superheroes, Drinking, Drugs and Sex) also the show would show what the get up to on the their "Days off" so to say.

I would think putting in mix of superheroes that come together and bag on each other in an Archer style comedy could be extremely funny, The characters that I had in mind so far would be:

1. Moon Knight

This character is my all time favorite and and obvious choice for a support group on the account of his D.I.D. and the jokes and comedy that surrounds him would be:

  • Always referring to the man in Cairo reference in The Winter Soldier
  • Always saying he's a fan favorite for a Netflix show
  • Always joking about Batman
  • Lastly always saying things out of character based on the personality he's taken

2. Spawn

So I don't know much about this character but I thought to bring him in for a verity in comic companies, also I thought it'd be pretty cool to have the spawn of hell in a TV show. and the comedy:

  • References to the '97 film
  • Always getting picked on because Image isn't as big as the "Big 2"

3. The Punisher

So I thought it be funny to see a serious character in this type of comedic show, jokes would be based:

  • References to the '89 '04 and '08 films
  • References to Daredevil Season 2
  • Also I thought it be cool if before there were gunshots before he were to enter a scene, of course because of his murderous streak

4. Power Girl

So every show needs "eye candy" and I thought in true Archer spirit so I though that Power Girl could be this shows Cheryl in a way. Jokes:

  • Obviously Sexual innuendos

And anything else I couldn't think of. I don't know the character that well

5. She Hulk

So I thought Jennifer could be like the Lana the sexy but tough hero. Jokes:

  • Anger Management
  • Her Cousin
  • References to Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

6. Batman

I thought that there should be an A listing hero in the group.

  • Always saying that Moon Knight is a Rip off
  • Always reflecting on his parents death
  • And the Joker

And that is all the characters I had in mind for the show so far and if there was any confusion the things I listed as there comic relief could be said by the character or as material for abuse by the other characters.

As with any other shows there would be guest characters E.g(Superman, Iron Man, Star Lord, Green Lantern etc)

I know this is a rough cut pitch and the idea could be explored but if Fox or Floyd County was to pick up the idea by some miracle,I would trust them to extend and explore the idea to come together and produce a show on par with Archer.

Well that ends my short lived pitch, if I had an idea for an episode I would share but I couldn't think of anything good enough, but any way thank you for reading my article, all the best, and be sure to comment.

Season 7 of Archer release date not yet known.


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