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I recently saw the recent star wars film The Force Awakens, i will try and make this brief and try to put in spoilers for those who have not seen the movie yet. And want everyone to realize this is only my opinion not fact, but i know the so called "purest's" fans will gripe and say I'm wrong either way. And i am going to be very honest. I will first say that the casual people as many are saying that movie is good are actually wrong, i call the movie watchable not good honestly. yes the movie has some good aspect as does some other movies, but this movie is defiantly as good as it could have been. I will also say this before i start, you can't satisfy everyone.

Disney and J.J Abraham's played it way to safe for the movie, i predicted things way before they were going to happen. Kylo Ren is not that good of a villain especially when he throws a temper tantrum of that of a five year old. There was some area's that were were basically copy paste with new tech from the original Star Wars film or as it has been called in recent years A New Hope. And i did,t like how within mere minutes after they landed in an area that the resistance, and or the first order was called immediately . Rey and Fin are not bad character's but they need more development. I do apologize if i seem vague, but i am trying not to give out spoilers for i know some people have yet to see the movie. honestly Han and Chewie steal the show , as does Poe the resistance pilot. Captain Phasma was an unfortunate missed opportunity she barely has any screen time, even though they advertised her as having a far larger role. Phasma has a total of around 5 minutes of screen time or so which this is really sad to say even though Bobba Fett has 3 movies to his belt he literally has seven mins of screen time.... Bobba fett many peoples ideal star wars character 7 mins of screen time five lines one of them being AHHH!( thank you epic rap battles for a job well done here) has two more minutes then Captain Phasma. what a huge waste and wasted time for the actor considering how they marketed her.

Another thing there was to much use of practical effects, people are praising this which is bad because some of the aliens would have been better off as cgi , some of the puppets looked out of place, as did some of the droids. people like to gripe about over use of cgi but yet praise the originals for there special effects as ground breaking. You can't have it both ways. the cgi is there as a tool to use, and in some cases now a days is cheaper than creating an object or character that will be used only once in its life span, then possibly collect dust in storage some where. I believe there should be a balance between both, but to try and put so much practical effect's into Star War's when the originals are praised for its special effects is working backwards not forward.

People have been giving ratings of near perfect scores for the movie but honestly it is not as good as people think it is I've seen of heard people giving it an 8 or a 9 out of 10, I disagree. I honestly would watch a prequel movie over this one accept one. The one movie i would not watch over this one is attack of the clones because of its dialog and missed love scene chemistry, But this is a barely on this because attack of the clones did deliver some good scenes as well. so sorry to say no The Force Awakens is not that much better than the prequels. I will give The Force Awakens a 6 out of 10. Why do i give the movie a 6 and not higher while it had some good points in it? Because the movie's progression could have move forward more than it did with how they took elements from the A New Hope. the prequel expanded the star wars universe and gave us better battles, and a war. including one of the best star wars series clone wars. but i digress i know people will say I'm a moron for my opinion because they think they are right but i actually don't care what they think because most are faceless internet trolls, who wouldn't say anything in public.

May the force be with the true Fans, who accept both the originals and see the good parts of the prequels.


Do you think that there was a lot of missed opportunity with The Force Awakens?


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