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If, like me, you're a huge Walking Dead fan, then you'll be waiting eagerly for your next fix of the epic action. Waiting with baited breath and a huge thirst, a thirst that only a mass slaughtering of the undead can quench.

But fear not readers, with the original series returning February 14th, there's not long left to wait for our next taste of the beloved AMC series. Not only that, but this morning brought more exciting, zombie-related news from AMC for their spinoff series, Fear The Walking Dead.

pssst. Come here, I wanna tell you something.
pssst. Come here, I wanna tell you something.

Coming right off the back of the colossal success of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead is its Los Angeles based spinoff/prequel series that debuted last year. The show received mixed reviews from various levels of fandom at the start of its launch, but despite this, the show received a two season order before the show even premiered.

Not only are we weeks away from the return of The Walking Dead, but Fear The Walking Dead also now has a return date. The second season will take off Sunday, April 10th on AMC, as revealed Friday at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour - which was reported by Deadline. Hopefully these two shows will continue this pattern, so that when one series ends, we as fans, won't have to wait very long for some for The Walking Dead to grace our screens in one form or another.

Many of my friends who watched Fear The Walking Dead were very unhappy with the show's slow climb, but after being forcibly sat down to listen to my, "this is where it all started" lecture, they soon came around. The show even received mixed reviews from fans online, despite delivering the highest-rated first season of any series in cable history among total viewers.

I for one, am extremely excited for the return of this show. I've loved seeing the outbreak from the first few days. Getting to witness the different challenges the survivors face during this period has been brilliant. Check out the first look at Season 2 below:

After 6 years with Rick and the gang, I've admittedly, completely overlooked how difficult the first few waves of walkers would be. Especially when you think that they're not rotting away as of yet, or melting/freezing with the changing seasons.

To help raise your excitement levels further, the network has released the first new image from Fear The Walking Dead Season 2:

Chilling, I know.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 will run for 15 episodes, with seven airing in the spring for its first half and then will return for the final eight in the fall.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday February 14th 2016, and Fear The Walking Dead returns Sunday April 10th 2016 on AMC.


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