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Janissary is a Dc character created by Brian K. Vaughan and Steve Scott.

Character card

Real Name: Selma Tolon

Current Alias: Janissary

Base Of Operations: Ankara, Turkey


Alignment: Good

Identity: Secret Identity

Citizenship: Turkish

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Medical doctor for the Red Crescent


Gender: Female

Height: 5' 6"(1.68 m)

Weight: 131 lbs (59 kg)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


Universe: New Earth

Place of Birth: Ankara, Turkey

In the comic book you can see Jannisary fight beside Justice League.


In 1566 Merlin, hid his spell book, The Book of Eternity, from his half-brother Etrigan beneath an ancient roman temple. With the book was Sultan Suleiman's scimitar, enchanted by Merlin and buried in the sand like Arthur's sword Excalibur. Like Excalibur, only a brave and noble person could remove the scimitar from the sand. In 1999, after an earthquake while working for the Red Crescent, Selma Tolon fell into the dungeon where she found the spell book and the scimitar. She uses these to defend her native country, and to be an example and role model for other Muslim women. She has not yet totally mastered the use of the spell book, but has already gained the respect of the JLA, and was one of the heroines called in by Wonder Woman to help against Circe's attack on New York City.

Powers: Sorcery

Abilities: Medicine; Selma is a doctor for the the Red Crescent.

Equipment: Eternity Book of Merlin, enables her to do magic. At the present the extent of her powers are undetermined.

Weapons: Scimitar of Suleiman the Magnificent is the source of her powers.

Until now the character was never been given a role in Dc's both animated and cinematic universes. Let's see what future will bring to the table. Will the Janissary be forgotten or will she join the Justice League in Dc's hopeful universes. We'll see....


Should Janissary be in Dc's Cinematic Universe?


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