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Gareth Cavanagh

On January 19th Joel Furtado's X-Men: Danger Room Protocol's will begin on YouTube. So what is it? Well, Danger Room Protocols is an 18 part fan-made animated series. The web series is inspired by the animated TV show from the early 90's. This will no doubt be delightful to hear for many people, myself included. It has the same visual style and the iconic theme is even used in the promo video, which you can watch below:

The characters look awesome and the concept for the series sounds like crazy amounts of fun. The premise is that Professor X is putting the X-Men through training missions inside the Danger Rooms. Xavier pairs up two members of the X-Men in each episode to take on a challenge, this is a fantastic idea as it means the possibilities are endless. Any number of dream match ups could take place inside the Danger Room!


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