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With the freedom that CGI allows, today's films can takes us anywhere our imagination dares to go. VFX companies have advanced so much in the last decade, that what we are now capable of seeing is nothing less than spectacular. Why then with all these capabilities at our disposal is the art of storytelling in film going bye bye.

Like most of us out there I love film. Being able to sit back with family and friends and be so taken in by a great story is indescribable. Having grown up in the 90's it was definitely the case back then, but things have changed. Directors today seem to be abusing these tools, giving us flashy visual wows but at the same time rushing the importance of good story telling, rendering some films pointless and meaningless. It's like having the frame to a Ferrari without the engine to make it go, it may look great but in the end won't get you anywhere.

In an interview with Charlie Rose, film maker George Lucas explains.

"Oh will just take this new technology, it's great. You know especially when it came down later to digital technology where you can really do anything and then people just abused it all over the place, which they did with color, they did with sound, whenever there's a new tool everybody goes crazy and they forget the fact that there's actually a story and that's the point. Your telling a story using tools your not using tools to tell a story"

It's no surprise that Hollywood's ability to tell a good story has gone down the crap shoot.

With the rise of this digital medium comes the rise of abuse in the technology. What one person does others tend to follow killing off any chance of originality.

The amount of reboots hitting the big screen these past few years is staggering. Not wanting to lose money studios opt to go with remaking certain types of Films, they know that there will be an audience for them so why not right.

With the way the industry is going even highly respected directors like Steven Spielberg, find it hard to get there films out onto the silver screen. Steven's Oscar winning Lincoln back in 2012 almost went straight to HBO, studios are betting on Big Blockbusters and don't have time for anything else.

Here is what Steven Spielberg had to say on this matter.

"Your at the point right now where a studio would rather invest $250 million in one film for a real shot at the brass ring than make a whole bunch of really interesting, deeply personal and even maybe history projects that may get lost in the shuffle"

Even though Im a big fan of the superhero genre and love seeing the Hulk take care of business breaking everything in his path, I would like to watch other types of Films to. Films that have depth and that take the time to unravel instead of Being utterly dependent on VFX and explosions.

Films that did the industry justice in the more recent of years where The Lord Of The Rings, Avatar and Troy to name a few. Here are examples of very well told story's both in the direction, script writing and Actors chosen. Take Troy for e.g. you have a great tragic love story with glorious battles that hits all the emotional beats, why?, because you had all the aspects working together without one overpowering the other. The CGI was handled in such a way where it didn't overpower the story and that the story wasn't rushed.

Warning Star Wars: The Force Awakens possible spoilers.

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens it's clear that Disney chose to more or less copy George Lucas's episode 4 A New Hope. While they have introduced a few new character's and a new family arc it's pretty much a complete copy paste of the original film. This is a great example of how big studios try to avoid taking risks in telling fresh stories for fear of failure and losing money.

With the way things are going there doesn't seem to be a change for the better. Unfortunately it's all about money and playing it safe. Filming is an art form, one that is slowly dying.


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