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With the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead and season premier of Fear the Walking Dead returning to our screens soon, fans everywhere are understandably hungry for more.

Recently, during an interview with Charlie Collier by Vulture regarding all things AMC and their incredible list of programs, we as fans got a little insight into the future of our favorite zombie franchise.

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AMC lost two of its greatest shows recently with the loss of Breaking Bad and Mad Men, arguably, two of the biggest shows in TV history. They were then graced with such shows as Better Call Saul, Into The Badlands, and Fear The Walking Dead.

Now those three shows may not be quite as huge as Mad Men and Breaking Bad, but they've all ended up on numerous "best of" lists and often land at the top spots of every fan's favorite lists.

With the return of both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, the fans' attention has quickly turned to the future and what's to come. Network exec. Charlie Collier, however, is quick to note that Fear The Walking Dead isn’t a spin-off - it’s a companion series. Well, the companion series may soon have a companion of its own (or spin-off, we'll play it by ear).

When the exec was asked by Vulture about whether there are any plans to explore a third Walking Dead show, Collier responded:

"The answer is, we are open to ideas that feel organic to the creators in whom we’ve put our trust. So if Robert [Kirkman] had a world he wanted to explore, you can bet that we are not just leaning into that conversation, but we’re actively engaging in it. Right now we’re not in that conversation, and there’s nothing to report at all. I’m a huge believer in Robert and the executive producers of these shows. We wanted to create a place where they would bring us their creative dreams and bring us their passion projects. If Robert had another one, we would absolutely engage. This is a world that is rich enough to handle it. Right now we’re just focused on these two."

Now, as I flick through my freeview and Sky TV guides looking for some late night shows to sink my teeth into, I see about five different CSIs, Law And Orders and varying degrees of NCIS, I can't see why the world would ever have an issue with multiple shows based in The Walking Dead universe.

So come on Robert Kirkman, get those creative juices flowing and create us another incredible show to snap up. Or, you know, contact me to help create another companion series - I'm more than happy to move somethings around in my hectic schedule.

The idea of a spin-off has already been touched upon in a small web series, they have taken the walkers to the sky in, Fear The Walking Dead : Flight 462.

I think it would be a brilliant idea to see other countries across the globe dealing with the outbreak, me and my friends often talk about where the best spots in our home town would be to hold off the zombie hordes. So I'd personally love to see this show brought to the UK. Except with less of a 28 days later, zombie in the big city vibe, and more of the country folk like me (hint, hint Kirkman).

If that ideas doesn't tickle your fancy, how about pinching a page from World War Z. A series based around someone trying to find answers to what started it all. This series could be based around one scientist, or a small,covert group. They would have to fight their way around the globe looking for answers. This would give both the creators and fans the chance to explore other countries around the world, without spending too long in each location. They'd also have both the time and skill to make the idea fresh, and not be a direct rip off (I have faith in them).

Let me hear your ideas for more Walking Dead show ideas in the comment section below.


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