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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a growing and powerful concept. We have seen countless movies, and it seems that Marvel wants to keep on going adding in a variety of different movies such as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and even Dr. Strange. They also recently got Spider-man back, which is a great victory for all comic book fans. He will take part in Civil War, as will Black Widow.

Now many comic book fans have been wondering just why she has not gotten her own solo adventure. It seems as though Marvel wants to diversify, and make movies they could not have made a few years ago. Now that they have introduced audiences to their big names, such as Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, isn't it time to give this heroine a movie?

After all Marvel has never had a female driven superhero movie. The Black Widow also became a fan favourite during the Avenger movies.

The Avengers

Age of Ultron

She also stole the show during the Winter Soldier, which was her first team-up with Captain America.

Now many people would even be happy with a prequel. Rumours having been circling for years about a team up, and what really went down in Budapest.

This would also change things up for Marvel, since the MCU has never incorporated anything like this before.

Other actors in the MCU have also praised Black Widow, and want a solo adventure for her. One such actor is, Clark Gregg who plays Phil Coulson on Agents of Shield. You can check out his interview here.

Pressure from other studios

In 2017, we will get our first super-heroine lead movie, Wonder Woman will come alive on screen that summer. Marvel and DC have always been competitive and there is no reason why Marvel would not fight fire with fire, and have their own main super heroine get here own solo adventure. Now, granted there is a Captain Marvel movie coming out in 2018, but if Marvel gives the green light for this movie, it would give fans a chance to see a story arc of a character they already know well. Plus, considering Scarlett Johansson's acting career we know that she can bring in the big bucks.

So fans and actors alike want this movie, and it could potentially bring in money if it is directed and marketed right. So why shouldn't Marvel studios go for it?


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