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Okay, so by now you’ve probably seen Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens at least twice. If you haven’t, get down to your local cinema and do so now.

What a spectacular film JJ Abrams has produced. It begins with a possible dig at former director George Lucas, with Mr Star Wars now having passed the mantle to Disney. ‘This will begin to make things right.’ It really has JJ.

However, ignoring the prequels entirely could prove the franchise's biggest faux pas since Lucas introduced a certain Jar Jar Binks to the world. Whilst Hayden Christensen still irks many a Star Wars fanatic – and Trade Negotiations send infant children to sleep or elsewhere – the last trilogy is brimming with potential that could be fully utilised in Episodes 8 and 9.

People did not like these two.
People did not like these two.

Much of the current internet theories for the next episode consist of what Supreme Leader Snoke is all about. What if he is Darth Plageuis? Or Emperor Palpatine 2.0? Or Darth Vader’s alive albeit disfigured body? Surely not even Vader himself could survive burning fire twice?

Yet one of the prequel’s biggest redeeming features – and for me there are many – is the inclusion of the planet Coruscant. This was where Jedi were trained, politics took place and important stuff usually went down. It was absent from TFA, even if a lookalike planet was destroyed by the First Order’s sun-reliant, takes-forever-to-load weapon.

The Jedi Temple burns in Episode 3
The Jedi Temple burns in Episode 3

So here’s me fanboying…how great would it be to see Luke Skywalker return to the Jedi Temple? The place where his father’s downfall was complete. The place where the Jedi fell and the Empire rose from its ashes. Lucas seriously missed a trick by staging Anakin and Obi-Wan’s final, emotional battle away from the place where it belonged and on a Health and Safety guide’s worst nightmare instead.

Now we know that Luke has found the first Jedi Temple, which pops up at the end of the Force Awakens. Why? We do not know. And because we do not know, it does not rule out for him heading somewhere else to get the answers to the questions that are clearly troubling him.

It would be great to see Rey vs Kylo again.
It would be great to see Rey vs Kylo again.

Coruscant would be the perfect place for so many things. A battle between Kylo Ren and Rey, star-crossed force-sensitive Jedi that could one day work in tandem, either for the First Order or for the Resistance. Snoke appeared in hologram form but is strong with the force, so him wielding a lightsaber is not completely out of the question.

Or what about Luke and Kylo? Master vs Apprentice, just like it’s always been. It would make some climax to Episode 8 and could even usurp its predecessor if the next instalment continues to make the newest trilogy better than the one before.


Would you like to see Coruscant return?


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