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It's safe to say that the new movie Batman v Superman will be amazing, to the point that it might shatter everything we know about superheroes.

Here's the most recent trailer for the movie:

Amazing right? All of that trailer makes me feel better about the world. Anyway... moving forward!

Now what separates Lex from the rest of the villains we have seen in the past?

Well let's take the MCU for example. The villains have often been critiqued as one dimensional, and the audience often has a hard time getting behind them, and seeing their motivation.

Case in point:

Red Skull

He had only one appearance in the MCU, and he is Cap's main villain in the comics.


I still don't understand this guy.

Now, lets move on.

Lex in this new universe will have multiple appearances, and from the early critics, as well as one Reddit user who claims to have seen the movie, has praised him as the best thing about Batman v Superman. He has also been linked to other movies such as Suicide Squad.

This Instagram photo linked him to the movie a number of months ago.


So what else makes this character special?

Well it's quite simple. His complex relations with different characters. For example during the party scene he clearly already knows Bruce, and they have met a couple of times before.

As you can see they are clearly acknowledging each other in this shot:

Secondly, he obviously is involved in some way with Lois Lane.

Case in Point:

So that puts Lex in a position to have relationships with two other main characters from this movie, besides of course Superman who is his arch nemesis.

So in conclusion, Lex Luther will be amazing in this movie, and I can firmly say this from the trailers alone. Of course, the Reddit user who saw an early showing is backing up my conclusion which fills me with happiness!

He is also rumored in other movies such as Suicide Squad, and considering Jessie's age, 32, you can expect Lex to show up in multiple movies down the line such as perhaps the sequel to Man of Steel or even the Justice League.


Are you ready for Lex?


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