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Into The Woods came out December of 2014, but I hadn't seen it until December of 2015 (really late, I know). It's basically the fairy tales of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood rolled into a musical. The first time I saw this Disney movie, I was in my music appreciation class. My teacher had explained what was happening in a very eye-opening way. I'm going to do the same. Let's go!

The Baker and his wife wish to have a child but are placed under a curse from a Witch who found the Baker's Father robbing her garden when his mother was pregnant. She let him take the vegetables, in return she wanted the baby his wife was going to have. What she didn't know was that the Baker's Father took some beans that weren't supposed to leave the garden, which caused the Witch's mother to curse her with ugliness. My teacher explained to me that the Baker's Father actually had an affair with the witch and got her pregnant. He left her and she had to take care of the child herself. The stress of it made her age.

Anyways, the witch says she can take away the curse if they bring back a white cow, a red cape, yellow hair, and a gold slipper before three days pass. The Baker finds six beans (the witches) in a jacket that used to belong to his Father. Next, Jack's mother sends him into the woods to sell his white cow for no less than 5 pounds. At the same time Little Red is going to visit her Grandmother. Cinderella wishes to go to the festival but she needs something elegant to wear. She goes into the woods and talks to her mothers grave, and magically has a new gown and gold slippers to wear to the festival.

While in the woods Little Red runs into Mr. Wolf and tries to get her off of her path to her Grandmother's house. He isn't able to but Little Red did tell him where her Grandmother lives. So he goes there to wait for her. When Little Red gets to her Grandmother's house Mr. Wolf "devours" her. The Baker hears the scream and goes and saves her and Little Red gives him her red cape. This one is pretty obvious because while in the woods Mr. Wolf literally sings, "Grandmother first, then Ms. Plump. What a delectable couple: utter perfection- one brittle, one supple. Think of those crisp, aging bones. Then something fresh on the palate, think of that scrumptious carnality (which sounds a lot like something else when he sings it), twice in one day." Plus, after the Baker saved Little Red she sings, "And he showed me things, many beautiful things, that I hadn't thought to explore...and he made me feel excited..well excited and scared. And I know things now, many valuable things, that I hadn't known before." I think it's pretty obvious what happened.

The Baker and his wife run into Jack trying to sell his white cow and buy it for five of the beans by telling him they're magic. When he gets home, he tells his mom he sold the cow for magic beans and obviously his mother gets angry. She throws the beans in the dirt and the bean stalk grows over night. Jack climbs the beans stalk and steals five giant gold pieces from the giants in order to buy his cow back. Jack sings, "A big tall terrible lady Giant, sweeping the floor. And she gives you food , and she gives you rest, and she draws you close to her Giant breast, and you know things now that you never knew before, not till the sky." The rest of the song lyrics are just as implicating as those. From what I can tell Jack had a little too much fun up in the sky. There are a lot of kids learning things they didn't know before, aren't there?

Rapunzel and Cinderella have similar men trying to go after them. At one point in the musical both princes sing and seem to be trying to compete for who is in more pain. I don't think it's the heartbroken pain most would assume. Especially when Rapunzel's Prince sings, "You know nothing of madness till you're climbing her hair and you see her up there, as you're nearing her..." It may be easier to understand if you actually see how much "agony" these two guys are in.

So basically Into the Woods is a musical filled with sexual innuendos and I love it. You can find them if you look close enough or if your music appreciation teacher points them out to you. I guess we all learned things we never knew before.

Here's a link to the cast.


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