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If I was in the Hunger Games, or in a zombie apocalypse, I wouldn't last five minutes. How is it that our favourite characters, who were once normal people, can suddenly use weapons like pros when everything kicks off and somehow survive the impossible? In a crisis, I'd be like this:

Or this...

... Because I have a very particular lack of skills, and if my favourite movies or shows were real - I'd be screwed.

Here are five characters who I think should have died:

Rick Grimes

Seriously, I'm still amazed that he managed to escape the tank in the first season of The Walking Dead - let alone what's happened to him in the other five seasons so far! How the hell is this man still alive?!

Thank goodness he is still alive though! As much as I love TWD, I don't know if I could watch it without Rick. Apart from being the star, he is one of my favourite characters from TWD. Mind you, it could be interesting to see how the group cope when their leader is gone... My guess is not very well.

Harry Potter

Harry himself has admitted countless times throughout the Harry Potter movies that he was lucky when fighting Voldermort. Yes, he is talented at Defense Against the Dark Arts, which has of course been very useful! But he was just a boy when the fight between good vs. evil began - even as a baby he managed to survive! Without his mother's love shielding him, would Harry Potter have survived and managed to defeat Voldermort? I'd like to think that Harry's bravery and talent would help him to persevere.

Jack Crawford, Will Graham and Alana Bloom

I'm still trying to work out how Will, Alana and Jack managed to survive in Hannibal's home at the end of Season 2. I'm so glad they did, and I would have been gutted if any of them had been killed, especially Will - but how they managed to escape a man like Hannibal I will never know. Alana probably amazes me the most; she seemed to recover from being pushed out of a window pretty fast! These guys were extremely lucky.

Katniss Everdeen

It amazes me how anyone can survive the Hunger Games, but Katniss was very lucky since she ended up in the Hunger Games twice - and still managed to survive! Even if I somehow managed to make it through the games, I wouldn't be the same after and would soon start running if I had to enter and watch people die a second time! That is not entertainment!

Peter Griffin

Yes, you read that right. Peter Griffin shouldn't be alive. No cartoon character should - but that's the beauty of cartoons; characters can be put through anything, even break the forth wall, and no one will question it when everyone is alive and well and back to normal in the next episode. Obviously, no one would survive the brutal fights between Peter and the Chicken.

Characters From Horror Films

How? How do characters in horror movies survive? Some of them even manage to make it out of the creepy house, or the asylum, or a haunted desolate building despite them being so dumb and causing viewers to yell "Don't go in there!" at the screen. Nine times out of ten there's at least one character that does the impossible and survives - seriously, how?!

These are just a few characters who's stories amaze me. Maybe they shouldn't have died - maybe I'm just jealous because I can only dream of being that badass.

Who do you think should have died and why? Comment below!


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