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After seeing Star Wars again today with the girls, I have a new perspective on the film. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but I watched it from a different angle today, in light of some of the negative critiques I have read from elitist, self-righteous BS mongers who populate the internet. So if you haven't seen the film yet, here is your

******SPOILER ALERT*****

1. For those people who complain about the plot mirroring A New Hope and Empire Strikes back,.... What did you actually expect? The Star Wars universe involves a few constants which include a dark side of the force contingent, which is embodied by the Empire and/or First Order. It also includes a Light Side contingent which is embodied by the Rebel Alliance and/or the Resistance. The thematic importance of the similarities is critical to the story that is being told over 9 episodes. Evil, in the world of Star wars, is always perpetuated by those who take away freedoms , repress others for their own advancement, and are willing to sacrifice others in order to benefit themselves in some way. Good is embodied by those who could choose the easy life of anonymity but don't. The Good Guys choose, instead, to embrace struggle, loss and personal sacrifice for the greater good. This is important to remember because in each story, even the sub-par prequels, the "good" guys have to make difficult choices, that may seem counter-intuitive in context but lead back to the original theme in the end. In order to stay true to the overall story being told in all 9 films, they had to follow the patterns laid out already.

2. Also, it is important to keep relative time in perspective. Star wars a new hope came out in 1977 (39 years ago), Empire Strikes back in 1980(36 years ago), and finally Return of the Jedi in 1983 (33 years ago). This means that this narrative, if it follows similar chronology, occurs about 30 or so years later. If we take our own military advances into account, the most advanced and technical military in the world(ours of course), has not created any truly new military advances in the last 30 years. Almost every new thing we have is just an improvement on a previous concept. We still use jets, just more sophisticated jets, same with radar, tanks etc. This means that the Newer Starkiller base is the logical followup to the death star. Not a new concept, just a newer, bigger, more advanced and more dangerous version of an older weapon system. Why do these critics expect more military innovation from an organization that is rising from the remnants of one that was destroyed? Obviously limited time leads to upgrading what you had, in lieu of creating something new.

3. What did you expect? This is not a reboot. This is not a recasting and re-envisioning project. This is a continuation of an existing storyline. Don't expect the kind of changes Abrams made with the new Star Trek films. It would not make sense, and would turn off many of the diehard fans who endured "phantom Menace" which attempted to do just that.

4. And finally, it is important to point out why Kylo Ren loses. It is not because he is evil and Rey and Finn are good. The sides they fight for have no bearing on the outcome. It has everything to do with Kylo Ren's poor choices when it came to his training. He focused too much on the mystical side of Force usage, and too little time on the physical aspects. Granted, his abilities when it comes to the metaphysical force use were quite impressive. I would even say they exceeded the skills demonstrated by Palpatine or even Yoda, but his physical training...that is where he failed. As a sword fighter myself( for those of you who don't know about it and, I noticed that Kylo Ren did not have any appreciable skill with the light saber. As a matter of fact, his poor swordsmanship led him to be beaten by someone who had absolutely no experience with the weapon. Sure he dispatches Finn, but not as decisively as luke, Obi-wan, or any of the Sith would have. Any of them would have killed Finn quickly, and moved onto Rey with renewed purpose. I will grant you that maybe he wasn't warmed up when he fought Finn, and any swordfighter will tell you , the first fight of the day is usually your technical worst, but once warmed up...its game on. So therefor, If Kylo Ren had balanced his training a little more, and put even the slightest emphasis on physical combat, Finn and Rey die, the resistance will never find Luke...and the Dark Side wins.

Sorry this was long winded, and my wife already called me a geek for writing a "novel" on facebook...but I am passionate about this, and am very happy there was no mention of midichlorients.


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