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Hey guys,we all know fantastic four,right?!I mean come on they are the first family in the marvel comics.For those who are unfamiliar with the team,they are four dudes (one girl and three boys )who are just like a family each one of them have his own powers and those people aren't the safe to play with.We got the human torch (he's useful in winter) ,we got his sister storm who have the power to be invisible (cool right I mean I always want to be invisible) ,we got the thing who at first don't like his powers but hey he get used to it by breaking everyone stops against him (funny right?oh jesus),and finally we got the leader of the team and one of the most genius people in the world and the marvel universe they call him Mr.Fantastic he is rubbery if you know what I mean he use his powers to get a bottle of water from 10 miles away! Anyway fantastic four that belongs to marvel and fox owns its rights so its the responsible for making a movie for those guys,as we see in august 6,2015 the movie hit the theaters with a box office of 168 million dollars which is by the way not good at all for a marvel movie or a fox get high critics with a 4.3 imdb and 9% rotten tomatoes,people were not happy with the movie and me too. I was expecting more from them but if we go back in time,this is not the first time fantastic 4 movie got a flop there is the 2005 movie followed by a sequel in 2007 which non of them get the hype.Poor fantastic 4 !Is it the bad luck or there's something with fox we didn't get it.

Oh my god what happened!!

Even the director of the fantastic four of the 2015 edition dissed his own movie as you can see below.

Josh Trank refers in his tweet to the success he made in 2014 and his sci-fi movie which was being a huge achivement as a plot and as a money,but his failure in fantastic four made him depressed.Even emma watts the president of fox movies canceled the sequel that was announced by her in 2017 due to the box office bomb, the heavy criticising and some problems between the director and kate mara who played storm in the movie.Fox realises that fantastic four couldn't succeed in its mission three times,what can I say.Now fox had given up and its now in talks with marvel to give it the rights to the fantastic four ,I am happy for that if marvel gains the rights to fantastic four because its marvel's job of superheros and we may see a real fantastic four hitting the theaters in the coming years or mostly seeing them in the MCU beside gardians of the galaxy and avengers,by the way there is no good fantastic four movie until you make Dr.Doom following the comics because actually Dr.Doom that appeared in the movie sucks and the sense of humor was pretty bad.Now I know why all people hate this movie or those movies!! What do you think about fantastic four,what is the problem with?share your thoughts in the comments,Peace.



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