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Believe it or not, the next Marvel film which kicks off Phase 3, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) comes out in theaters in less than four months! This film shows our favorite Marvel characters fight each other while introducing new key characters such as Baron Zemo, Black Panther, and none other than the amazing Spider-Man! This movie would already be highly anticipated without him but the addition of Spider-Man making his first appearance into the MCU makes this my most anticipated film of 2016. We have seen toys, pictures, and even a full length trailer from the film and we have seen nothing from Spider-Man yet. It could be that Marvel wants to keep him a secret like Luke Skywalker was in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but there are multiple reasons why this is not the case.

The Russo Brothers, directors of Captain America: Winter Soldier and Civil War plus Avengers: Infinity Wars Parts 1 and 2
The Russo Brothers, directors of Captain America: Winter Soldier and Civil War plus Avengers: Infinity Wars Parts 1 and 2

One reason is that Spider-Man has a pivotal arc in the film. If you have not seen this yet, in a recent interview with the directors none other than the Russo Brothers, they revealed that Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Vision all share big roles in the film.

"It's a big movie and it includes a lot of characters," said Joe Russo. "I think that a lot of them have really interesting arcs. I think Spider-Man in particular has a really fascinating arc."
Anthony Russo replied, "Certainly Black Panther, who we introduce. Similarly there, introducing a character gives you a great opportunity to take them on a ride, you know?"
"Vision goes on a journey, as well," added Joe Russo.

Unlike Luke Skywalker, who showed up for a good 30 seconds, Spider-Man has his own arc, which is making him not a cameo, but a main character. Another reason is for advertising purposes. Only two months prior to the release of the next Marvel blockbuster is DC's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which includes the two most well known superheroes going head-to-head on the big screen. Including Spider-Man alone in a trailer or two and getting people aware he's in the film will drag in a huge amount of additional people. Another reason is that there are a bunch of toys and merchandise that already revealed Giant Man's appearance in the film, who says Spider-Man's appearance won't be next? So yes, we are going to see him, and it might be sooner than you think...

Captain America: Civil War hoodie
Captain America: Civil War hoodie

A whole new set of Captain America: Civil War hoodies, hats, t-shirts, and more debuted on today, adding to the already announced Captain America hoodie, which is featured in the picture above. You get to see some awesome merchandise on the site and then, you see a 'Spider-Man: Premium Hoodie Preorder'. There is no picture provided but the website give us an interesting description:

Ok, so here’s the deal: we have photos of the Spider-man hoodie coming very soon. We really, REALLY want to show it to you now, but we’re not allowed to just yet. Make sure you check back on the 15th January for your very first look!

January 15th is next Friday, so this raises a LOT of questions. One of my first questions is about the actual sweatshirt itself. Will the sweatshirt be Spider-Man's homemade costume that we will see for majority of the film or will it be his classic new suit provided by Tony Stark that we will see towards the end of the film. Either way this is really cool and we get a good look at one or possibly both of the costumes!

Official cover of Entertainment Weekly
Official cover of Entertainment Weekly

This sounds like a specific date, so will Marvel drop some official pictures from the movie including Spider-Man's suit? Even better, could we get a full second trailer with Spider-Man appearing in it? It has been a good amount of time since the last trailer and it was released at a time where hype was elsewhere with all the other trailers and of course, the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Putting Spider-Man in a trailer will show all common movie-goers Spider-Man is in the film which will highly increase the hype. Whether none of this happens or even all of it, were at least getting our first glimpse at Spider-Man and what gets me thinking the pictures and/or trailer release is going to happen is that it's a specific date and Marvel wouldn't want our first glimpse to be from a sweatshirt.

Check out the Spider-Man-less trailer for 'Civil War'!

What do YOU guys think about this? Will we see an official look at Spider-Man this Friday? Tell me below!


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