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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 is within everyone's grasp now and is soon to start a new DLC season, with Awakening being the first DLC. DLC packs in the past have been amazing to me, but I feel as if this newer generation of gamers needs a new and more fun experience that revolves around a big part of their pop culture like Superheroes. A Marvel themed DLC could possibly be made to me, because one of Marvel's well known gaming publishers is Activision, in which also publishes Call of Duty games. I usually wouldn't advertise my PS4 and Xbox One gamertags, but I want to go back to the old days where multiplayer communities were actually fun. My PS4 gamertag is CapVengeance and my Xbox gamertag is Tommy Devita, add me if you wish. Now let's get started on the Marvelous Pack!!!


One of the three vital parts of Call Of Duties is multiplayer in which it installs four new maps and etc...In my Marvelous pack you can expect Marvel-Theme maps that are established in some of the most intriguing places of Marvel comics. The first map would be a map by the name of Hell, which would basically have two teams fighting in Clinton, Manhattan, with a couple of scattered easter eggs around the map. Monster would be a stable for two tribes at war in the Savage Land of Marvel comics, and will make for some awesome interactables and interesting animations that will include Fin Fang Foom and Zabu. So, Don’t get close! Hulk is one of my favorite characters of all-time, so being that, I find it hard to believe that Marvel won’t buy back his distributing rights, so that he can to have his own standalone film. If the MCU can’t use the Hulk then why not let Call of Duty use his indestructible brawn. Rage will be set in New Mexico, where Banner has just been turned into the Hulk, and two teams are trying to extract him from a deserted area that is close to a town, for General Ross. Rage will be an open map for many modes, but Hulk will only show up in a bonus mode called “Control”. The final multiplayer map that would be included in my Marvelous Pack will be the Watcher, which will showcase the Blue Area of the Moon and have a hugemongous interaction with the scrutinizing, “Uata the Watcher”.


Marvel Zombies has already been done in the comics on Earth 2149, so being that, my zombies map will be comprise of a simpler story and have different elements. Occult will enter with a cutscene that starts off with the last heroes in New York City, being Johnny Blaze, Eric Brooks, Stephen Strange, and Wanda Maximoff facing the overpowering forces of Chthon to only lose their powers at the end of the scene. New York City will be engulf around solid amber, it will rain blood, and all water will be boiling to set the stage. Chthon will have Quicksilver as his host and his mission for New York City is to show the rest of the world how powerful he is and that there land is next. I want Occult to have a long and complex easter egg that evolves around the crew getting their powers through facing their boss and going to Chthons world to beat him, only to lose. This map should be the third key of setting balance to the multiverse and will get us to Richtofen's redemption. Various special rounds will include vampires and demons, and the crews bosses will be Mephisto, Dracula, Mordo, and Morgan Le Fay. The main boss will always be Chthon, and the wonder weapons will be their powers, which are Ghost Riders pyrokinesis, Blades strength, Dr. Strange's Vishanti, and Scarlet Witch's Hex abilities. The perks on this map will be Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double-Tap, Quick Revive, Deadshot Daquiri, and a new perk called, Mighty Brew, which will amp-up a character's power, gun, grenades to a point where they don’t need pack a punch. There will be no special weapons, besides their powers on this map, but there will be Pack-A-Punch still.


As in every CoD, there aren’t many add-ons for DLC buyers, so the same rule will apply here. Buyable add-ons would be camos like the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Marvel's Civil War, and Spider-Man versing his rogues gallery. Season pass owners would get two new specialist characters, such as Night Thrasher and Captain America. Season pass owners will also be capable of unlocking a new scorestreak that will be Thanos in which he will act as a nuke, meaning that he will only be operative once the player has reach a nuclear. Thanos will grant onscreen darkness and its user one out of the six gems for usage to make complete wreckage.


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