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Warning: The following theory might have spoilers this is your chance to leave before I go on

Are you gone? Remember all of this is pure speculation.

Ok so my theory is giant man does this to war machine :

Giant man also known as ant man had recently been announced in a Lego set and he also was announced as a funko pop figure. Now lets look at the Lego set for some possible evidence.

Looking at the Lego set I noticed the Lego set takes place at the airport the same place in the background of the previous picture. Now in the Lego set giant man is being attacked by war machine with that awesome sword in the latest promo art now giant man must of accidentally or intentionally crush war machine arc reactor and flung him to where he crash landed and made a mini pit in the picture above . Of course we will see what happens when the movie comes out .so now what do you think does this theory hold up put any additional thoughts in the comments below.


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