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The Kendrick Brothers, Alex and Stephen, have produced another successful film for Christians. Inspiring and attempting to tackle prayer and it's effect on the faith bound life makes for a good family film.

In The War Room, Elizabeth Jordan (Priscilla Shirer), a real estate agent is becoming more bitter and antagonistic towards her husband Tony (T.C. Stallings), who although a high powered and successful salesman, great with clients and his colleagues, is lousy with his wife and daughter and has begun to stray.

Although just mentally, when he checks out a fellow parishioner at church, in front of his wife, we see that Tony's heart lies elsewhere other than home. Meanwhile, Elizabeth or Liz, as she is known to friends, begins sales with a new client, Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie).

Miss Clara proves to be a firebrand of faith, and through gentle nudging, intense discussion, guides Liz to forgive, love, and pray for her husband. She also encourages her to renew her relationship with Jesus Christ. After a few misfires on setting up a private place to pray, Liz begins in earnest to lock into her faith, her relationship with God, and fix her relationship with her husband.

The Kendirck's new studio, Kendrick Brothers Productions, is the successor to their former studio, Sherwood Films, and with the new association with Sony/Tristar's faith films division, this is probably the best looking, best shot movie so far by the studio.

Although positive, uplifting, and timely, one of the things lacking in this film is the same conviction laid upon the characters as there seemed to be in their previous film, Courageous. In The War Room, the denouement and call to action is left to the audience by Miss Clara , who is a major character in this film, is muted somewhat by an inspiring, yet slightly overbearing, barrage of scenes of people acting in prayer, in churches, and reaching out to others.

Also, with no clear idea of the timeline in the film, it is a times hard to gauge the temporal impact of the wife's prayer life upon the Jordan's marriage, their daughter, and life.

Despite these issues, this film is a wonderful, heart felt, love letter to mentor ship, marriage, and the simple acts of faith given by ordinary people.

The War Room is currently available on DVD,


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