ByJonathan Noel Du'Verney, writer at
Jonathan Noel Du'Verney

So I know that we see Anakin's Jedi Force ghost at the end of Star Wars episode VI but what if force users who embraced both the light and the dark side and are still split between the two (example Darth Vader) actually split into two different force ghost entities.

Like the young Anakin we see is the one who was Truly devoted to Light side of the force is his Light side entity. And Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Vader's Force Ghost.

I know some people will argue about the hologram we saw of Snoke when Kylo spoke with Snoke ( ha, get it ?) , but what if that wasn't a hologram but instead The entire ENTITY of Darth Vader?

Any ways that is my small theory behind if Supreme Leader Snoke is Actually Darth Vader.

Feel Free to prove me wrong or correct me in anyway.


Do you think Darth Vader could be a Sith Force Ghost?


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