ByJason Mitchell, writer at

i think snoke is Palpatine. he told anakin about using dark side to cheat death. return of jedi shows him fall but that is all. snoke/palpatine knew vader failed him and senses confusion in kylo ren. thus at end does snoke say "bring me kylo ren that i may complete his training" so that kylo does not fail him as vader did. as for Raye, when anakin returns to tatooine to rescue his mom, he discovers his cousins who if memory serves the female is holding a baby before being introduced to man who married and freed anakin's mother. this child grew to have children of his/her own, who later sold daughter to slaver on jakku. the force skipped a couple of generations in the skywalker family. thus snoke says "there has been an awakening" which means something dormant has come out of hiding.



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